Even in the midst of a heavy ice storm, in the middle of exam season, more than 200 students and community members gathered together April 14 at University of Toronto’s Newman Centre for an Easter retreat. 

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Jordan Peterson is a University of Toronto psychology professor, best-selling author, cultural critic, international media celebrity — and lightning rod.

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Victor Malarek believes he was born with a sword in hand to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. In fact, he made a career out of it. 

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St. Michael’s College has its man.
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As the Scarboro Missions slowly devolve and English Canada’s premier missionary order ceases to exist by 2020, it has fallen to Regis College to preserve and carry forward a large part of the Scarboros’ work.
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Amid a backdrop of the historical Christian village of Alqosh in the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, Athra Kado passionately talked about protecting his Assyrian people as a soldier of the Nineveh Plains Protection Unit.

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OTTAWA – A University of Toronto professor at the centre of a transgender storm issued a stark warning for religious groups that are out of step with society’s politically correct agenda.

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TORONTO – When Marshall McLuhan died New Year’s Eve 1980, the University of Toronto lost a man they found slightly embarrassing.

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The Newman Centre is encouraging a new generation of leaders to strengthen their faith in God.

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TORONTO – The rain outside failed to dampen the liveliness of interfaith fellowship in a University of Toronto conference room in late September.

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TORONTO – In a way, it’s like Fr. Peter Turrone is coming home. As a student at the University of Toronto, Turrone saw the Newman Centre Catholic Chaplaincy as a second home, a spiritual oasis. Now, as he takes up his new position as Newman’s executive director and pastor, he is excited for the opportunity to serve the community that gave him so much.

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It is not right to make fun of someone’s writing. I fear the critical boomerang may come back and slap me in the face.

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TORONTO - Kaylee Moynihan is a true servant of the Church. At the young age of 19, she has already spent years working in parish communities. She said that volunteering and working in youth ministry has allowed her to grow in confidence and in her faith.

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TORONTO - James Ginther wants the truth. He finds it by getting help from people all around the world.

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With Catholics anticipating Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on the environment, many are looking to discuss how they can be stewards of creation within their own communities.

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