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NFL veteran touts New Testament

By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

Like most young boys envisaging a sports career, Luke Willson fantasized about lifting the championship trophy or making the dramatic clutch play. The down moments of the elite athlete rollercoaster were not included in those daydreams.

Chaplain takes schools on a Bible adventure

By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

School chaplain Mike Landry has devoted much of the pandemic-challenged 2020-21 academic year introducing his students and staff in northern Alberta’s Evergreen Catholic School Division to the, well, evergreen wisdom of the Bible.

Sisters turn crisis pregnancy into a storybook ending


When she discovered she was pregnant again in 2020, Nicole Meinen was scared, stressed and didn’t know who to turn to for answers.

Faith finds a way to bridge differences


Ceandra Nugent, 20, and Nathaniel Auger, 21, first met at St. Joseph’s High School in Barrie, Ont., but it was only after working together at a local Tim Hortons that their journey together began. Now dating for five months, the two have a message to share about finding unity within relationships that have differing religious-cultural worldviews. 

UNIV helps students navigate university, life


Young female Catholic university students in Canada are spiritually readying themselves for “navigating” through university culture, life and setbacks with the March 27-30 UNIV Inspire Congress — an annual international Catholic youth conference for high school seniors and college students held during Holy Week.

Essay: Through Jesus, we are all connected


Verses 1-17 from Chapter 15 of John’s Gospel provide a simple yet elaborate explanation of our sacred relationship with God. 

Essay: Taking ‘root’ with Christ


The vine provides its branches nutrients, support and endurance amidst hard conditions. This anecdote portrays man’s dependence upon God. As we experience stormy climates in our life, our Lord is our strength. Yet, why do some plants bear good fruit whereas others bear bad fruit? What differentiates a nutrient-rich environment from a toxic one?

Essay: Drawing nearer to God


Imagine a circle with lines radiating around it. As the lines move farther away from the circle’s centre, they move farther apart from each other. The Sisters of Grandchamp, a religious community that led daily reflections during this year’s Week of Christian Unity, shared this analogy to help Christians understand how unity rests in abiding in Christ.

Winners for the 2021 Friars' writing contest

By Catholic Register Staff

When Nicholas De Castro sat down to write what became an award-winning essay for the annual Friars’ Student Writing Contest, one image immediately came to mind: Mother Teresa.

Interfaith event encourages students to extend their embrace


Young artists and activists of different faiths gathered recently to spread the messages of unity and interfaith dialogue. 

Youth Reconnect report reveals positive change

By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

A recent report shows that the Good Shepherd’s Youth Reconnect (YR) program has reduced the number of at-risk Hamilton, Ont., youth accessing shelter and other emergency services.