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{mosimage}CALGARY - Colette Martinez is the proud mother of baby girl Gemma, named after St. Gemma Galgani of Italy. Yet, the innocence and beauty that Martinez sees in the face of her newborn daughter is something that was abruptly taken away from her as a young girl.

300 from Toronto expected at WYD 2008


{mosimage}TORONTO - Youth from across the archdiocese of Toronto will help to carry the Canadian banner in great numbers at this year’s World Youth Day.

Up to 300 youth from across the archdiocese are expected to make the long journey to Sydney, Australia, for this year’s celebration July 15-20, according to the archdiocese’s Office of Catholic Youth.

A lasting friendship from WYD


{mosimage}TORONTO - Over the past six years, Robert Kalisz and the Friends of Togo WYD committee have made significant steps in helping people in the tiny African nation of Togo to live a better life.

Love of Christian music turns into career


{mosimage}OTTAWA - Ottawa native Robert Du Broy is a veteran media manager, producer and long-time promoter of Christian radio in Canada. He co-founded Christian Hit Radio Inc., which operates CHRI 99.1 FM in Ottawa.

Multi-faith group explores different religious avenues


TORONTO - The University of Toronto’s Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study and Practice has piloted a new project: four multi-faith discussion groups operating across the downtown Toronto campus.

Tattoos, body piercings and the church


{mosimage}Victoria Laaber goes to Mass every week and is an active part of her parish youth group. She also happens to have piercings on her nose and tongue, as well as a tattoo.

P.E.I. youth join to make a difference


SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - A number of youth in Summerside gathered near the end of February at the local Presbyterian church to celebrate their faith ecumenically at the Make a Difference Rally.

Making a difference one recycled can at a time


{mosimage}BRAMPTON, Ont. - Ian McGillivray single-handedly became his high school’s recycling program after he noticed it didn’t have one.

Lending hope where there is little


{mosimage}TORONTO - When Marilyn Ize-Dukuze was 12 she was inspired to help children in Africa. This led her to found Green Hope for Children, a Toronto-based group that raises funds to provide children and orphans in Rwanda and Sudan with an education. To date, the organization has helped 16 children in Rwanda and 10 in Sudan.

Saying 'yes' to service


{mosimage}As the archdiocese of Quebec prepares to host the International Eucharistic Congress in June young adults are volunteering their time to help make it happen.

Prayer builds church community


{mosimage}Editor's Note: This is a runner-up essay winner in the Friars’ Student Writing Award. Erin Stackhouse is a Grade 12 student at Jean Vanier Catholic High School. This is the last of six winning essays that the The Register published in the past weeks.

All across the world, Christian communities experience difficulties that they are challenged to overcome. Such can only be achieved through one thing: unity. Unity within Christianity has always been of utmost importance because without it, the church would never have been able to survive from the beginning. Even in modern society, persecution still exists and unity is relied upon more than ever for the purpose of keeping the Christian faith alive. One of the most effective ways that the church can unify themselves is through prayer; it not only brings people together as a community and strengthens personal morals and beliefs, but it also provides Christians with a way through which they can influence the world they live in from day to day.