Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

November 22, 2019

Week of Nov 22, 2019

LONDON, Ont. -- The Diocese of London has launched a new endowment fund to aid agencies that support the needs of the underprivileged.

Wrong decision

Re: Toronto Catholic board votes to include gender terms (Nov. 17):

St. Francis Table in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood is shutting its doors for a few days following a three-alarm blaze that engulfed its neighbour early in the morning Nov. 19.

November 15, 2019

Week of Nov 15, 2019

Incompatible vocations

Re: Synod gives hope to Canada’s North (Nov. 10): 

Two years ago, The Catholic Register published an article about Fr. Issa Maamar, a priest in the Greek-Melkite Church who was forced to leave Syria to protect his family. Priests in the Greek-Melkite Church are allowed to marry. Torn between leaving his people and protecting his family, he explained: “If I was alone, I would not have decided to leave, but because I had a family and I wanted to protect them, I had to make this decision.”

The controversial gender debate at the Toronto Catholic District School Board came to end in the early morning hours of Nov. 8 with the board voting to include gender terms in its code of conduct.

Hospital ministry is an extension of Jesus’ compassionate presence in our lives today.

November 8, 2019

Week of Nov 8, 2019

Divided electorate

Re: Election exposes some deep divisions (Oct. 27):