Ingrid Bergman: Portrayer of nuns and saints, but much more

NEW YORK - You must remember Ingrid Bergman.

The occasion of the Swedish-born actress' centennial — she was born Aug. 29, 1915 — has spurred lavish retrospectives of her films worldwide, including events at New York's Museum of Modern Art in and the American Film Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Tomics tickle the Catholic funny bone

If God truly has a sense of humour, He would probably enjoy reading the Tomics Collection book by Tom Gould.

Tomics are weekly “religious funnies” published by The Catholic Fellows, a lay ministry that fosters men’s spiritual fellowship. Every Friday, their website features a new comic strip inspired by Scripture readings, lives of the saints or Catholic teaching.

New Vatican arts app highlights museum pieces, restoration

VATICAN CITY - The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums has released a smartphone app to help culture enthusiasts learn about the works owned by the Holy See — and as a novel way of encouraging art lovers to help fund restoration.

Finding God’s presence in media and culture

Seeds of the Word: Finding God in the Culture (Word On Fire, hardcover, 275 pages, $24.95).

The teen vampire series Twilight has at least one thing in common with the prolific 20th-century Catholic writer and monk Thomas Merton — they both have a part in teaching us about God in the culture.

Washington exhibit showcases Indiana Jones’ quest for the sacred

WASHINGTON - The exhibit “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology,” at the U.S. National Geographic Museum until Jan. 3, features 100 carefully crafted film props alongside real archaeological finds.

Why stay? A new book looks at feminists who refuse to give up on faith

In the moments before Jennifer Zobair converted to Islam, she had one pressing question for the imam, about a verse in the Quran that seemed to give husbands permission to beat their wives.

Catholic student wins Ottawa Bluesfest talent contest

Amateur singer, songwriter and guitarist Grace Lachance convinced those at this year's RBC Ottawa Bluesfest that she's the one worthy of becoming a professional musician.

Sounds of Sistine Chapel on Ontario church tour

If Michelangelo was listening to music while he worked on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, his playlist would probably sound something like Le studio de musique ancienne de Montréal’s Music from the Sistine Chapel concert.

‘Fish-out-of-water’ priest fodder for CBC comedy

Fr. Rajumr Chebattina got his 15 minutes of fame in early July when he was featured with Fr. Paul Batchilder on CBC’s new summer series, Still Standing.

The positives of radio

In a nation where violence is no stranger to its youth, a group of Salvadoran teenagers stand as a hope for their country’s future.

Joyful service takes on a reggae beat

TORONTO - Toronto has never heard the Gospel told like this.

Hope rises that papal encyclical on environment will address vitality of water sources

IQUITOS, Peru - As floodwaters rose with heavy rains in this Amazonian city, Graciela Tejada and her neighbours found greasy slaughterhouse offal, human feces and used hypodermic needles floating practically to their doorsteps.

Call to action on the environment

Now is the time Catholics need to prepare for a new urgency and a new way of thinking about our tradition and the natural world. We have to claim a new or renewed intimacy with creation.