Pope Francis of Assisi? Pontiff boosts the birthplace of a saint

ASSISI, Italy – Down a deserted stone alleyway, a joyful chorus of “Hallelujah” can be heard rising from an open window while dozens of tourists armed with selfie sticks gather nearby and begin to scour one of Italy’s most beloved towns in search of the perfect digital souvenir.

Canadian sister sees Mexico’s good

HAMILTON, ONT. – Where once it was on the tennis court that Vera Komar plied her trade, it is now Mexico where the Canadian nun is looking to make a difference.

To D&P, food is ‘At the Heart of the Action’

For almost 50 years solidarity with those in greatest need has been the central, driving purpose of the Canadian bishops’ Catholic development agency.

Retreats lead women who had abortions find healing

VANCOUVER – The team at Rachel’s Vineyard sees forgiveness and healing transform hurting people every year.

‘Small, still voice’ of art at the 9/11 museum

NEW YORK – A generation ago, a curator at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem noticed a man saying Kaddish, the prayer of mourning, in front of a seder plate.

A retreat where women can connect

For eight years, Sandy Laneville faithfully joined a group of friends to attend a Baptist women’s retreat held annually in Muskoka. It was so inspiring and rejuvenating she decided to organize a retreat of her own, but enhance hers with the sacramental riches of the Catholic faith.

Marian retreat aimed at the ‘little souls’

OTTAWA – An Ottawa couple has created a retreat for children based on stories of Marian apparitions to encourage “little souls” to consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary.


On Sept. 4, Pope Francis canonized Teresa of Caluctta in St. Peter's Square at the vatican. Below are a collection of stories The Catholic Register's coverage of Mother Teresa and her road to sainthood.

Mother Teresa: A saint’s legacy transformed a city, its people

Mother Teresa isn’t a saint because she ran a good clinic or organized an effective religious order or articulated novel theological insights. She becomes St. Teresa of Calcutta on Sept. 4 because she broke into our lives and stole our hearts.

Missionaries of Charity Fathers find forgotten corners of Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico – The men trudged down the dusty road of an impoverished Tijuana neighborhood. The Sunday morning air was already arid and hot, but the small group was on a mission: They were heading to a tiny neighborhood community center, bearing lemonade, food and prayers for the local families.

At back-to-school time, a new effort to protect kids bullied for their faith

Dapinder Ahluwalia’s 14-year-old son starts high school next month. Like many parents, she’ll spend the last days of summer ensuring he has the right school supplies and a copy of his class schedule.