Laudato Si': On Care for our Common Home


Pope Francis has once again commanded worldwide attention, this time by issuing clear Catholic teaching on our relationship with the environment. The Register covered what Pope Francis had to say about climate change and a culture of waste in his encyclical, Laudato Si’. We included reactions from Canadian bishops and world leaders, key messages, intelligent commentary and much more in a special 12-page encyclical feature published on June 28, 2015. Below you will find articles on Pope Francis' papal document.


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Chaplains help soldiers ease their pain

Death, chaos, silence, despair… and faith? The post-traumatic stress disorder crisis in Canada’s military is being met with a small core of dedicated men and women who have always been there — the chaplains.

Eucharist at the heart of Catholic education

GUELPH, ONT. - In increasingly secular Ontario, the debate about the real or perceived distinctiveness of Catholic education rages on.

Students inspired to play like champs

HAMILTON, ONT. - At Hamilton’s St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School, members of the senior soccer teams are learning more than just tactics, strategy and skills specific to their sport; they’re learning how faith contributes to their game.

Parish, school co-operation is essential to the Church

Fr. James Mulligan sees the collaboration between school and parish as an essential component of Catholic education existence.

And with the spread of secularization across nearly all the facilities of contemporary Western society, the need for parish and school to work hand-in-hand is increasing, he said. This poses a challenge for both priests and educators, yet also offers a gift to all those involved with Catholic education.

Program aims to empower youth in their relationships

RICHMOND HILL, Ont. - Cynthia Bettio said it is rare for a teacher to get an instant feeling of satisfaction from their students, but last semester, she witnessed her Grade 11 parenting class go from being unsure to empowered.

Chaplain’s spirit will live on at Finamore Field

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - St. Francis Xavier Secondary School has renamed its athletic field after former cheering chaplain Brian Finamore.

Students lead efforts against substance abuse

TORONTO - Catholic schools in urban Ontario are taking a softer approach to curbing substance abuse within their communities by focusing on harm reduction awareness.

Christ remains at heart of religious life

Vowed life is a mystery, but only in the Catholic sense. There’s no mystery in the vows themselves. Poverty, chastity and obedience are pretty straightforward — no money, no sex, no turning your back on the demands of the community.

Nun has found her happy place

In Sr. Anna Chan’s earlier career in retail management, she sought happiness through a love of fine clothes, shoes and bags.

“I was looking for happiness,” said Chan, “but I was looking in the wrong place.”

In remote Arctic towns, radio connects Church with local Catholics

Approximately 800 km northwest of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories is Fort Good Hope, a remote, mostly First Nations community through which the mighty Mackenzie River flows on its way to the Arctic Ocean.

Congregation de Notre Dame sisters reach out online to show value of consecrated life

Sr. Susan Kidd said the need for consecrated life in the world hasn’t changed, but she admits there was a time when the religious were more visible and it was easier to connect with a sister.