Pope says he was surprised by crowds, joy in Africa

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM AFRICA - Pope Francis told reporters he is well aware that God is a god of surprises, but he had not been prepared for what a surprise his first visit to Africa would be.

At Bangui mosque and Mass, Pope prays for 'salam,' peace

BANGUI, Central African Republic - Pope Francis ended his visit to the violence-torn Central African Republic with cries for peace and pleas for a mercy that seeks and grants forgiveness.

Pope in Bangui: Open the doors of mercy, counter violence with love

BANGUI, Central African Republic - Put down the weapons of war and work for justice, Pope Francis urged the people of the Central African Republic.

Pope arrives in violence-torn Central African Republic preaching peace

BANGUI, Central African Republic - Despite serious security concerns for Pope Francis and for those who would come to see him, the pope landed in Central African Republic Nov. 29 saying he came as "a pilgrim of peace."

Honor your martyrs by putting faith into action, Pope tells Ugandans

KAMPALA, Uganda - As Pope Francis encouraged Ugandan Christians to draw inspiration from the 19th-century Ugandan Martyrs, he carried with him graphic images of the horrors the 45 Anglican and Catholic martyrs endured.

Ugandans give pope exuberant welcome as he urges unity

KAMPALA, Uganda - Witnessing to what is true, good and beautiful -- even if that witness is motivated by different faiths -- brings people together and strengthens a nation, Pope Francis said.

Pope ends Kenya visit defending rights of poor, denouncing tribalism

NAIROBI, Kenya - The wealth of residents of the poorest neighbourhoods ringing big cities around the world will never be quoted on the stock exchange, even though their wealth gives life and joy to millions of people, Pope Francis said.

Choice is clear, Pope says: Protect environment or destroy it

NAIROBI, Kenya - The international community is facing a stark and serious choice, "either to improve or to destroy the environment," Pope Francis said, referring to the Paris Climate Conference.

Belief in God seen in respect, unity, service, Pope says in Nairobi

NAIROBI, Kenya - Respect, unity and service are the foundations of a strong family, a solid democracy and a healthy response to the gift of faith — any faith, Pope Francis told the people of Kenya.

You and charity benefit from a gift annuity

Given the current climate of low-interest rates and roller-coaster markets causing people to think twice about their financial decisions, many people may wish to consider the benefits of a charitable gift annuity.

Know when to revise your Will

How often should a Will be reviewed for changes? In general, every five years, but life changes will necessitate a more frequent review. A person should review a Will to ensure that the terms are still suitable.

A bequeath to your parish is a difference maker

TORONTO - Fr. Damian Young-Sam-You has big plans for St. Monica’s Church and with generous donations from members of his congregation who have passed on, the parish is that much closer to reaching those goals.

Be tax smart in your estate planning

To make things as easy as possible for your family after your death, it’s necessary to understand the effect on your estate of probate fees and income taxes.