Fr. Gravel pursued agenda of rebellion

Fr. Raymond Gravel died on the feast of St. Clare and was buried on Assumption day with great laudations from Quebec’s political class. The flag at Montreal city hall was lowered to half-mast by order of the mayor, and former Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe spoke at the funeral Mass. 

Aid to Iraq is vital

The crisis in Iraq will shift from desperate to beyond rescue unless world leaders respond swiftly and decisively to help install order in one of Christiantiy’s most ancient homes. 

The misguided ‘mercy’ of euthanasia

The mainstream media has caused great confusion about the topic of euthanasia and has been extremely deceptive in its portrayal of human suffering and compassion.

Defend integrity

Doctors hold a favoured place in society because they are seen as models of compassion and integrity. They are admired as healers and moral leaders, virtuous people, widely respected. If you can’t trust your doctor, who can you trust? 

Where’s the love, empathy, kindness?

I’ve reported from war zones, covered some awful stories, seen things I wish I hadn’t, so I’ve never considered myself unworldly. But what I have experienced in the past few weeks has genuinely shocked me. 

A 50-50 proposition and Nova Scotia’s future

Like many Catholic parishes, our little flock smack in the middle of Nova Scotia is facing a financial crunch and Canada Day serves as one of our biggest moneymakers.

Dignity for all

Providing care and showing compassion for society’s most vulnerable members is not an option. It’s an obligation. So says Pope Francis and the Federal Court of Canada.

Thankful for Canada, warts and all

As we celebrate Canada Day we may not have a team in the exciting World Cup soccer tournament this month, but events surrounding it remind us that we’re so fortunate to live here. One news story really drove this point home: people in soccer-mad Africa are being killed by Islamist extremists for watching the games on television. 

Principled bill

Critics are dismissing Canada’s proposed new prostitution law claiming it inadequately protects prostitutes and will inevitably be challenged in the Supreme Court. Time will tell on that. But meantime the critics have ignored the clear and positive statement the new law makes about Canadian values. 

Some fear what religion is doing to Middle East

I met a man in Bethlehem who has dedicated his life to compassion, justice, enlightenment and hope. He respects God and tradition and loves the poorest and the weakest among human beings. And he refuses to go to Church.

OECTA is wrong

The outcry continues but the decision remains unchanged: the union that represents 45,000 Ontario Catholic teachers is determined to march June 29 in Toronto’s gay pride parade. As Cardinal Thomas Collins recently put it, “Really? What are you thinking?” 

Struggling between my two worlds

I return to the country of my birth, education and first 28 years every seven or eight months and each time it’s a bittersweet experience. Sweet because I see my closest friends, am wined and dined, rub shoulders with contemporaries who have become newspaper editors, television personalities and leading politicians. Bitter because I have to leave them. 

Put words in action

Seldom does the House of Commons speak as one voice. So Parliament’s recent near-unanimous support of a motion to make palliative care a national priority was encouraging and welcomed. Yet the roar will quickly fade to a whisper without sincere government action to turn this rare cross-party unanimity into meaningful legislation. 

Youth Speak News

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