Politics must have a broader horizon

“I beg the Lord to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor!”   
Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel)

St. Joseph Vaz, the great missionary saint

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - Passing through Rome on the way to the Jan. 14 canonization of Fr. Joseph Vaz, Apostle of Sri Lanka, I heard something extraordinary from Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints.

Wealth gap obscene

Despite the economic downturn of recent years, bank accounts of the world’s billionaires have  grown deliberately fatter as the financial canyon between rich and poor has widened. It has reached a point that by 2016 the world’s richest one per cent could own more than half the planet’s wealth.

It is all about the unborn

During my 14 years in the pro-life movement, I’ve been physically attacked, had rocks, condoms, ketchup thrown at me, had speeches picketed, been publicly mocked, and have had horrible things said about my family, most especially my mother who had me as a result of an unexpected teen pregnancy. I have also had the honour of knowing Mary Wagner for close to five years and have accompanied her numerous times as she has been arrested for disregarding a court order and handing out roses at abortion clinics.

The response to blasphemy should be Christ-like

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, a student tabloid printed on its cover a photo of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a banana on its head. I was so furious, I remember my rage 20 years later.

Praying good for the brain, not just the spirit

A friend popped by the other day while I was working on a Sudoku puzzle.

Francis a gift for Sri Lanka

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - It happened here again, but this time rather unexpectedly. In 1970 and in 1995, when Blessed Paul VI and St. John Paul II visited Sri Lanka, the president who invited them was no longer in office when they arrived. So it was for Pope Francis’ arrival this week, but more dramatically so.

Is it about the unborn?

I’ve spent 25 years in the pro-life movement. I’ve been physically attacked, had soiled underwear pushed in my face, been insulted, speeches picketed, family abused, jobs denied. I’ve also been one of the most public faces of the battle against abortion in media. So I feel a little qualified to pass comment on the issue and its participants.

Freedom’s not free

More than three million people marched in cities across France on Jan. 11 to decry the deaths of 17 terror victims and to publicly defend liberty and free speech. In their sheer numbers and massive support of fundamental human rights, the French people deserve the world’s praise and support.

For Catholics, marriage, family life a ‘biggie’

“The family is a biggie for Catholics!” That was how a Buddhist student in my class, Introduction to Catholicism, responded when asked why he chose marriage in the Catholic Church as the topic for his final project.

A worldly Church

Tonga, Myanmar, Cape Verde — the countries read like answers from a geography quiz. They may not be the easiest places to find on a map, but these small nations will soon be represented in Rome when Pope Francis welcomes 15 new voting-eligible cardinals into the Church.

It's all in the evidence

As NDP leader Thomas Mulcair pointed out in a year-end CTV interview, January marks the start of a federal election year in Canada. Although voting is not expected for another 10 months, virtually every Ottawa eyelash flutter will be decoded for its electoral significance this year.

Retracing John Paul II’s triumphant Asia visit

ROME - There is excitement here about the papal visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines next week. For those with longer Roman memories, they know that it celebrates the 20th anniversary of an extraordinary pilgrimage by St. John Paul, one that marked the beginning of the heroic last decade of his pontificate.