On a frozen afternoon in February, I visited Mary Wagner in the Vanier Centre for Women. The prison is a long, low building in Milton, Ont., and its waiting room for visitors is surprisingly pleasant. It has a clean, cream-tiled floor, cream-painted walls with blue-grey doors and trim and blue-green metal chairs locked together. A Coke machine and a snack machine glow from a corner. Large signs proclaim the centre “scent-free” and small signs ask visitors if they suffer from coughs or chest pains. A framed document extols the virtues of the warden.

February 12, 2015

Now it’s on me

Well, that certainly caused a fuss didn’t it? I refer to my entirely reasonable discussion of a pro-life activist called Mary Wagner, who insists on entering abortion clinics against the wishes of the staff and patients, knowing she will be arrested. I was extremely respectful in my arguments and merely asked if Wagner was doing any good, was perhaps further marginalizing the pro-life movement, and wondered if this was even about the unborn.

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On Dec. 27, 1989, I was arrested outside a Toronto abortion business, thrown into a police van and locked in a cell for hours. So were about 74 other people, including at least one priest. The CBC reported 80.

During my 14 years in the pro-life movement, I’ve been physically attacked, had rocks, condoms, ketchup thrown at me, had speeches picketed, been publicly mocked, and have had horrible things said about my family, most especially my mother who had me as a result of an unexpected teen pregnancy. I have also had the honour of knowing Mary Wagner for close to five years and have accompanied her numerous times as she has been arrested for disregarding a court order and handing out roses at abortion clinics.

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January 15, 2015

Is it about the unborn?

I’ve spent 25 years in the pro-life movement. I’ve been physically attacked, had soiled underwear pushed in my face, been insulted, speeches picketed, family abused, jobs denied. I’ve also been one of the most public faces of the battle against abortion in media. So I feel a little qualified to pass comment on the issue and its participants.

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TORONTO - A pro-life activist launching a constitutional challenge regarding the current definition of a human being in Canadian law was released from custody as her trial came to an end on June 12, almost two years after she was arrested at a Toronto abortion site. 

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OTTAWA - A Conservative MP who came under fire for awarding Diamond Jubilee Medals to pro-life activists who have served time in prison has garnered plenty of support from those who see the activists as prisoners of conscience.

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