Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael is Associate Editor of The Catholic Register.

He is an award-winning writer and photographer and holds a Master of Arts degree from New York University.

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If you think of artists as strange, unbalanced, complicated personalities whose natural habitat is somewhere on the margins, Herman Goodden is not about to change your opinion. But if you think books about art and artists are dull, academic, jargon-laden wastes of time, paper and ink, Goodden wants you to think again.

Musicians perform a lot through the weeks of Advent and the Christmas season.

Fundamental freedoms are threatened by a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario policy that would force doctors to provide an “effective referral” for services such as abortion and assisted suicide even if they believe it to be medically and morally wrong, former Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth told about 30 protesters gathered in front of Queen's Park on Nov. 30.

There is little tradition of cardinals correcting popes on matters of Catholic Church teaching. But citing tradition, canon law and dogma, Cardinal Raymond Burke has reached back almost 700 years and threatened to initiate a “formal act of correction” if Pope Francis refuses to answer five questions launched by Burke and three other cardinals.

If there’s anything that unites Canadians, it’s their overwhelming support for something very few of us have.

TORONTO – It takes faith to thumb your nose at city hall, and Reg Hartt has plenty.

If the economy leaves 1.3 million Canadian children living in poverty, is the economy really working?

A federal government decision to restore funding to a United Nations agency that supports Palestinian refugees is being applauded by a Catholic aid group.

Every armchair economist in the country wonders how a country so rich can have so many people who are poor.

Get a lawyer. Get a will. Get a power of attorney — in fact, get two. These aren’t tricky or exclusive legal arrangements for rich people. Ordinary, average Canadians need these documents.