Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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An atheist naturopath stole the show as hearings began into Ontario’s enabling legislation for doctor assisted suicide at Queen’s Park on March 23.

Conscience rights for Ontario doctors will get the full attention of Queen’s Park on Thursday, March 23, in committee hearings on Bill 84.

While some church and other groups continue to call for suspension of the Safe Third Country agreement with the United States, the Catholic-sponsored Center for Migration Studies in New York says the Trump administration is supporting the status quo because it has not yet made any substantial change to the U.S. asylum system.

The Canadian government is giving an international Catholic refugee agency another $1.6 million to help put people on the road to a better life.

Pope Francis’ apparent openness to a discussion about ordaining married men to serve as priests in remote communities has heartened and encouraged at least one Canadian bishop.

TORONTO – The oldest and longest serving priest in the history of the Archdiocese of Toronto has died. In his 78th year of priesthood, 101-year-old Msgr. Vincent Foy was proud of his longevity, his loyalty and his defence of Catholic teaching.

The right being sought by many Ontario doctors to refuse to give patient referrals for euthanasia and assisted suicide will be addressed in committee meetings at Queen’s Park in the next month.

A surge in vandalism and hate speech against Jews and Muslims has prompted a call for the revival of a national platform for Christian-Jewish or Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Before South Sudan was a country, Luciano Moro was a refugee from South Sudan building a new life alone in Canada.

Toronto Development and Peace members celebrated a half-century of solidarity at a Mass in St. Michael’s Cathedral with Cardinal Thomas Collins March 4.