Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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The sudden departure of David Leduc has left the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace searching for a new executive director for the second time in less than 12 months.

You might get a sense of how different when you notice a couple of dads coming out of Starbucks in comfortable sweats, pushing strollers on a weekday afternoon. Pictures on Facebook of new fathers standing in the delivery room holding their newborns might also seem a little different. Men taking paternity leave from the office — another change.

TORONTO – Fr. Ron Rolheiser’s next book will be about death. 

Five years ago the popular newspaper columnist, book author, theologian and university administrator was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was caught early. A six-month round of chemotherapy seemed to knock it out. But two years ago it came back. Now there are chemo pills every day and check-ups every six months.

TORONTO – In a country that is more than 90-per-cent Orthodox, the biggest event  in Armenia this year will be a three-day visit by Pope Francis.

With the amount of money Canada spends on foreign aid in decline, Canadians have been given a rare opportunity to let the federal government know what they think about its belt tightening.

Revolution was once a bad word — even The Beatles were against it. But ever since the late Steve Jobs got hold of it and applied it to every new gadget to come off the Apple assembly line, the word has lost its threat and most of its meaning.

Whether it’s to protect consciences or vulnerable patients, the best hope for limiting the scope of assisted suicide in Canada now is a “robust third party option for all end-of-life care issues,” said Sr. Nuala Kenny as Bill C-14 wended its way from the House of Commons and through the Senate.

With no law in place to govern assisted suicide, physicians and vulnerable patients face uncertainty, confusion and more opinions than facts.

Despite Bill C-14 providing no conscience protection for institutions, Catholic health-care providers expect governments will respect their right to opt out of assisted suicide.

None of Fr. Trevor Plug’s seminary professors is quite willing to say Plug is the first man to be ordained a priest in a wheelchair, but then none of them could find any precedents either.