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When even the Trudeau government just says ‘no’ to drug decriminalization, it’s clear the push to flood addicts’ bodies and urban life with stupefying  toxins has gone too far.

What the world needs now: kids


Worried about climate change? Hold onto your hat for demographic winter.

Editorial: Truth should reign supreme


In its April budget this year, the federal government pledged a $5-million fund to “combat residential school denialism.”

Editorial: Foolish aplenty


It might have been appropriate to raise the white flag of Ugly Ville over the April 23 meeting of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. 

Editorial: Scheffler’s faith par for course


As duffers and pro prospects alike tune their golf games for another season of lightning strike joy and thunder cloud frustration, the world’s number one player models three words of sage advice: Say your prayers.

Editorial: Morality should be clear


Among its many aspects, Iran’s outrageous April 13 attack on the sovereign nation of Israel was a trifecta of shadows, schadenfreude, and antisemitism.

Editorial: Good news for the Good News


How fitting that the Good News of Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday should be accompanied by a trinity of good news stories about the state of our Holy Mother Church.

Editorial: Living up to family obligations


In an opinion column published during Easter weekend, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan offered a message not just for the ages but for our specific moment of darkness.

Editorial: An Easter people will triumph


Yet another media story slides by portending discouragement of the Faith in a political atmosphere that sometimes seems concocted to deny breath to religious belief.

Editorial: The Bill C-63 hallucination


First, it was the unlikely Chardonnay-and-ketamine like pairing of Margaret Atwood and Elon Musk that raised alarms about the federal government’s proposed Online Harms Act. Now, someone with years of practice adjudicating human rights law has launched a fusillade against Bill C-63 that should set the ears of all Canadians, including Liberal caucus members, buzzing.

Editorial: Irish choose common sense


St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland falls into the category of beloved mythology — unless you happen to be a snake, in which case you might have a lower estimate of it.