Editorial: Liturgical caution

Pope Francis caused a buzz in the Catholic world on Sept. 9 when he announced a relaxation of the Vatican’s stranglehold on liturgical texts in favour of sharing responsibility with local bishops.

Comment: Immigrants vital to growth of the Church in Canada

Canadian Goan Christian Group for St. Joseph’s parish in Mississauga next month will highlight the role that immigrants play in keeping the Church in Canada alive and vibrant.

Scandals in the Catholic Church: Bad news and good news

Leaders in the Catholic Church, like leaders in any organization, hate scandals. They wish that they never happen, and when they do, they try to deal with them internally so as not to get a lot of bad publicity.

Editorial: Nuclear ban elusive

The mere thought of North Korea’s homicidal dictator possessing a nuclear bomb is terrifying. But as long as world powers cling to their nuclear arsenals, the spread of these weapons is inevitable.

Comment: Thank you, Steve Bannon

Nothing unites the bishops more than being attacked from the outside. And if there was ever any doubt about the bishops’ campaign for immigration reform, Steve Bannon’s recent attack will encourage the bishops to double down.

Comment: ‘Little things’ of life feed spiritual growth

DUBLIN, IRELAND - The homilist at St. Teresa’s Carmelite Church on Clarendon Street spoke of the need for small steps toward changed hearts.

Comment: Who are we to judge the ‘quality of life’?

The tragic case of a 77-year-old woman, known only as AB, who had been wracked with intolerable pain for more than three decades, was resolved in August through doctor-induced death.

Or was it?

Editorial: A test of compassion

As Montreal Auxiliary Bishop Alain Faubert quite rightly puts it, there is nothing complicated about how we should respond to a summer influx of asylum seekers at Quebec’s southern border.

Comment: Making sense of God ... the heartbreaker

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen Up! Listen Up!”

Comment: Something good can come from nothing

Making something out of nothing. When somebody pulls that off, it tends to evoke wonder and admiration.

Editorial: Killing is no cure

It was interesting to monitor the shock expressed around the world to recent news that Iceland has almost eradicated the birth of Down syndrome babies by prenatal tests and abortion.