Peter Stockland: Community suffers with church closures

The Holy Week chaos that hit Ontario churches when the Ford government slammed on its COVID “emergency brake” hours before Good Friday is part of the chain reaction of frustration faithful Canadians are experiencing.

  • By Peter Stockland

Cathy Majtenyi: Harry-Meghan interview offers themes for us all

It was the interview of the century. Almost a half-billion people worldwide tuned into Oprah Winfrey’s sitdown with Prince Harry and Meghan explaining why they quit “the Firm.”

  • By Cathy Majtenyi

Sr. Helena Burns: True progress takes us closer to our goal

Progress is a myth. What?! Progress is non-existent? No, but “progress,” if it is to be embraced with enthusiasm, must truly be progress.

  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

Robert Kinghorn: Tonight I met the Lord — and I denied Him

Despite the promise of spring in the air, the day had turned windy and blustery, cutting sharply through the heavy jacket I reserve for evenings such as these on the street.

  • By Robert Kinghorn

Glen Argan: Easter conveys message of life and hope

On Easter Sunday, I will receive my first COVID vaccine. When I heard the date, it felt like an intrusion on the day of celebrating the resurrection of Our Lord. Upon reflecting about it for a while, I decided that receiving the vaccine was a fine way to mark the liturgical feast.

  • By Glen Argan

Fr. Raymond de Souza: Easter Holy Days perfect substitute to March Break

It's long since time to break with March Break.

  • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

Charles Lewis: Jesus shows death isn’t the final word

We all know that Christ died on the cross. He took on all the sins of mankind and destroyed those sins. He died and was buried and on the third day He rose again from the dead. We call it Easter and that is meant to give us hope that death has lost its final sting.

  • By Charles Lewis

Peter Stockland: What has become of our nation?

If my prayer request for one miracle were answered, every Catholic church in Canada would toll a funeral bell two years from now when the first mentally ill Canadian is killed by MAiD.

  • By Peter Stockland

Gerry Turcotte: Words, words, words

Growing up in Montreal, with a mother who couldn’t speak French and a father who couldn’t speak English, I had an uncanny understanding of the power of words.

  • By Gerry Turcotte

Luke Stocking: What’s in a name? People like Maria

“You say you care about the poor … then tell me, what are their names?”

  • By Luke Stocking

Charles Lewis: The power of prayer is eternal

This is the most profound story I have ever heard about prayer:

  • By Charles Lewis