Fr. Raymond de Souza: Catholic media must do better on Indigenous file

Catholic Register columnist Glen Argan failed. To his credit he admitted it. After writing a gravely inaccurate column on the residential schools issue, he corrected the facts in his next one.

  • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

Charles Lewis: Spare a moment for the voiceless

I’ve had the luxury of having a voice over the past 40 years. It’s a privilege to have had my words read. I hope at times those words have moved readers and perhaps moved them enough to act or at least think more deeply about the important issues of our times.

Robert Kinghorn: Led by the Spirit to joyful encounter

There is a freedom in walking the streets, following my instincts and seeing where the Spirit will lead. On this particular evening I was unexpectedly led back 14 years to a cold evening on Jan. 11, 2007, but I was taken there by a circuitous route.

  • By Robert Kinghorn

Gerry Turcotte: Come together in the human family we are

Last year Pope Francis delivered his traditional Christmas message from the Hall of Benediction of St. Peter’s Basilica, rather than from the usual window where popes more traditionally appear before tens of thousands of the faithful. Just as his place of delivery reflected the grim reality of COVID, so too did his message focus on the responsibilities we — and the wealthier nations especially — have towards those in need.

  • By Gerry Turcotte

Glen Argan: We have options, choose yours well

Omar El Akkad begins his novel, What Strange Paradise, with this sentence: “The child lies on the shore.” That beginning calls to mind the photo of the dead three-year-old refugee Alan Kurdi whose body was washed ashore on a Mediterranean island in September 2015. The photo sparked heightened global concern for Syrian refugees and an upsurge in donations to help migrants and refugees.

  • By Glen Argan

Sr. Helena Burns: It’s your duty to parent media for kids

With all that today’s parents have to do, how is it possible to go about the mammoth task of parenting the media?

  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

Peter Stockland: Commandments set path for journalists

What was surprising about the Hindustan Times being the first source I was offered on Google for reports of Pope Francis’ weekend message to journalists was how unsurprising it was.

  • By Peter Stockland

Leah Perrault: Interrupting patterns for spiritual growth

Interrupting is a bad habit I have been working to break for a long time, with some success and more work yet to do. And every struggle has a flip-side strength: While I need to stop speaking over people, the weakness is driven by a persistent perseverance that can also be a strength. God has been asking me lately to interrupt some of the patterns in my life that are not serving me well.

Charles Lewis: I’ll continue to pray and offer up my pain

The month of a November has become a time of darkness and confusion for me.

Luke Stocking: In God’s name, ‘social poets’ rise

Jonathan Castillo is a cartonero in Argentina — a collector of discarded recyclables.

Cathy Majtenyi: Rejecting ancestry creates dangerous path

It was a shocking revelation. A recent CBC investigation revealed that Dr. Carrie Bourassa, one of Canada’s leading Indigenous health researchers, is actually of Eastern European descent.