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Catholic basics

I am back to the basic I was raised with: to know, to love and to serve the Lord supported by the grace received from the sacraments. I have grown in my faith these past 10 years with learning how to have a quiet meditative and reflective time in the morning, which allows me to be more aware of those around me and of their needs. In my Church family, my awareness has increased with 52 years of Catholic Women’s League involvement and five years of assisting with the RCIA program at Transfiguration. It’s being part of a community, you pray for and with others in times of joy and sorrow. I believe that I am living my faith each and every day as a Christian Catholic.

Follow Jesus

Thank you to Deacon Andrew Bennett for his inspiring article and to the editor for posing this challenging question. It is one that needs to be asked on a regular basis to assist every person that dares to call themselves Catholic to stop, ponder, reflect and respond. For us, our Catholicity began at our baptism, was nourished through our parents, family, parish communities, faithful priests who guided us (and continue to do so), faith-filled elementary school teachers, receiving the sacraments and taking advantage of the many opportunities our Church offers today, encouraging us to learn and grow in our faith as we journey through adulthood, marriage and our senior years. 

Dying and rising

Being Catholic, for me, is believing in the Apostle’s Creed and the sacraments.

Onward Catholic soldiers

Did wearing my big brother’s army jacket make me a soldier? Does attending the Eucharistic celebration and praying aloud, while “going our own way” otherwise, make me a Catholic? Certainly not. Bishop Fulton Sheen wrote that attending Mass religiously is the least one “must” do to be Catholic.  There is knowledge, education, training and an absolute “way of life” to be lived, to be a soldier, and probably even more so, to be a genuine, mature, Catholic. Belief in acceptance of, and surrender to, Christ and “all things Catholic” is of course necessary for true Catholicism. 

Faithful treasure

The Catholic faith is to submit to the Good Shepherd and the rock, His Church. Humans are flawed so we fall short. Humans are culture and the dominant culture is skewed from the way, the truth and the life so I was neither shocked nor surprised by the results of the poll. A devout Catholic is one who enters through the narrow gate because that is where the treasure resides. 

Missing link

Sr. Helena Burns foments the old Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory that the Freemasons were behind the French Revolution and Karl Marx’s writings in her May 26 column (“Christ’s face defeats anti-God Communists”).

Hand it out, they will come

Regarding The Catholic Register’s May 25 news story and editorial on drug decriminalization, a key concept in the field of substance-related public policy is availability, which refers to the overall ease with which a given substance can be obtained.

Holy Land bias

I was disappointed with the Register’s April 21 front page and page 5 article. It was a one-sided view of a very complicated situation.

Greater good

When I read Quinton Amundson’s April 28 article “St. John’s closures ‘canonically unsound,’ ” I couldn’t help thinking that it reveals another instance of the Church trying to evade its responsibilities to victims of sexual abuse.

Missing God’s Word

I have very much missed the God’s Word on Sunday column by Fr. Scott Lewis the last three weeks. I hope his column will soon return. Over many years my husband and I have looked forward to reading it every week before attending Sunday Mass.

Anne Jankulak

Thornhill, Ont.

(We’re listening – the Editor.)