Testing our patience: what would God do?

Readings for week 2: Sunday, June 16 to Saturday, June 22, 2024

Let us launch our Biblical journey

Readings for week 1: Sunday, June 9 to Saturday, June 15, 2024

Which of us is greatest?

As with the disciples who walked the earth with Jesus, belonging to Him means belonging to each other — and this raises unavoidable questions, from who gets to be in charge, to what to do when somebody starts stealing. Even with Christ at the centre, it’s not easy to be a community.  

Faith in action: hospital ministry

How would you feel if you found yourself admitted to a hospital and the hospital priest-chaplain came to visit? 

Vatican norms for Jubilee indulgence include pilgrimage, penance, service

Pilgrims passing through the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica during the Holy Year 2025, going to confession, receiving Communion and praying for the intentions of the pope can receive an indulgence, but so can inmates in prison and those who work to defend human life or assist migrants and refugees.

How an adult film star fell in love with Jesus, quit her career and became Catholic

Bree Solstad, formerly a top pornographic content creator, recently announced her conversion to Catholicism and her decision to walk away from her previous career.

Falling apart as an act of faith

Nothing grows in a death grip, so dare to let yourself go

Several times in the last year, after speaking on grief and loss, I have been asked a question with variations on the same theme: What do we do when it feels like we cannot go on?

We’re all worthy guests at the Father’s table

At a Project Rachel retreat, one participant approached a facilitator toward the end of the weekend. “Why?” she asked, incredulous. “Why would someone who’s never had an abortion want to spend their time helping us who have?”

Mightier than the sword: Words are a Swiss Guard's best weapon

One of the oldest military corps in the world, the Pontifical Swiss Guard, has always armed itself with the best gear available in its 518 years of active service protecting the pope.

Meeting Anglican primates, Pope Francis talks about overcoming divisions

Unity within Christian communities and the unity of all the churches will grow only as believers draw closer to Jesus and learn to be honest in examining if they are listening to the Holy Spirit or to their own preferences, Pope Francis told leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Top Vatican cardinal says Pope Francis' reforms will continue

The reform projects launched by Pope Francis -- reforming not just institutions like the Roman Curia, but attitudes and pastoral approaches -- will not be reversed, even though some may take different forms in the future, said Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state.