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The Year of Faith is ending and what a remarkable year it was.

JFK’s legacy


Before John F. Kennedy it was unthinkable that a Catholic could overcome religious prejudice in the United States to be elected president. Kennedy proved otherwise, of course, and now 50 years after his assassination the full impact of that victory is evident in how the relationship between politics and religion has fundamentally changed — and not necessarily for the better.

Giving back


Governor General David Johnston should be commended for a new initiative that is Catholic in everything but name. Launched by Johnston on Nov. 4, My Giving Moment is a national campaign to encourage Canadians to improve society by volunteering time, giving money and providing expertise to charitable and other community causes. Johnston calls this philanthropy, the Church calls it stewardship — the obligation to give our time, talent and treasure as part of our Christian call to live with joy, compassion and generosity.

In Francis’ footsteps


The case of Germany’s “luxury bishop” underscores that Pope Francis is someone who says what he means and means what he says.

Let’s talk about life


Canadians can’t stop talking about the appropriateness of allowing the weakest and sickest members of society to be killed.

Moving forward


By taking the bold and encouraging step of empowering a permanent council of cardinals Pope Francis has launched an era of revolutionary rebirth to create a less centralized, more inclusive world Church.

Respect creation


In their darkest warning yet, world scientists have predicted an inevitable increase in storms, droughts, heat waves, floods and, ultimately, deaths due to global warming which they boldly now confirm is caused by humans.

Enough already


A day after at least 85 Christians were murdered at a Peshawar church, thousands of protesters spilled into Pakistan’s streets to demand justice and protection. Their cries for help followed a particularly bloody weekend for Christians who, in addition to enduring persecution in places like Syria, Iraq and Egypt, were among those targeted by Muslim terrorists in a mall massacre in Kenya that caused dozens of deaths.

Secularism gone mad


A month ago Canada’s new ambassador for religious freedom called on Iran to stop persecuting followers of the Baha’i faith, the country’s largest religious minority. Citing Canada as a leading defender of religious freedom, Andrew Bennett urged “the regime in Iran to live up to its human rights obligations and to respect the voices, thoughts and beliefs of all Iranians.”

Say yes to aid


It took the deployment of chemical weapons to fully awaken the world to the war horror that has stalked Syria for 2 1/2 years. Now global leaders must forcefully react, not with missiles, but with an immediate and profound assault on the humanitarian crisis that is destabilizing the region and raining immense suffering on millions of innocent Syrians.

Msgr. Raby was “the salt of the earth”


KINGSTON, ONT. A humble, prayerful and dedicated priest, Msgr. Tom Raby was “the salt of the earth” who influenced countless lives as a pastor and writer, a crowded church heard at his funeral Mass.