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Written on my HeartWritten on my Heart

By Michael Swan | Click here for more information

“Michael Swan has taken ten familiar prayers that he uses in his own daily prayer ritual and offers a deeply personal book that most everyone will nonetheless be able to relate to in some aspect. Using history, tradition, scripture and storytelling, each prayer is given as a passionate spirit of devotion, not as a prescription. In his own words, 'to memorize a prayer is to love it.' The title Written on my Heart is apt.”
—Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI, a theologian, teacher and award-winning author

Kinghorn CoverSmallThe Church on the Street

By Deacon Robert Kinghorn | Click here for more information

Deacon Robert Kinghorn invites readers to walk with him as he ministers in a crime-ridden Toronto neighbourhood of drugs, prostitution, violence and homelessness. Praised as powerful and engaging, his descriptions of encounters with the downtrodden reveal not just the despair and disorder of the streets but also the compassion and even hope in a poor, crime-ridden downtown Toronto neighbourhood. Kinghorn began a street ministry in 2005 to be “a friend who would listen to the cares, dreams and hopes of the people of the night.” For the past four years he has chronicled those experiences in Canada’s national Catholic newspaper, The Catholic Register, in an award-winning column called The Church on the Street. The most poignant of those short essays are assembled in this book. His writing has been called unique in terms of his subjects and approach. The “humble, observational way” he takes readers with him on his journeys into the night are not intended as sermons — his style is anything but preachy — yet, in the words of one critic, his words “teach powerfully.” “Deacon Kinghorn bears faithful witness to the humility, compassion and generosity of ordained ministry,” wrote Cardinal Thomas Collins in the foreword to the book.


MoreThanSurviveSmallMore Than Survive

By Fr. Frank Freitas | Click here for more information

Three years ago in Are We There Yet?, Fr. Frank Freitas offered inspiring advice to help people discover how to become the person God is calling them to be. In More Than Survive, he follows up by proposing that, more than merely survive in an increasingly hectic world, God wants us to thrive. This needn't be a daunting challenge, he writes, but it does require the establishment of a firm Christian underpinning to guide us through our day-to-day lives.

Click here to read an extract from the book - "More Than Survive"

Crossword-Vol-2Crosswords for Catholics (Vol. II)

By Bob Carson | Click here for more information

The Catholic Register's crossword guru Bob Carson is back with Volume II of his popular Crosswords for Catholics. This faith-filled softcover book contains 80 brand new crossword puzzles that are designed to intellectually entertain and spiritually inspire. Like Volume I, it is a large-format book loaded with clues drawn from traditional religious themes and clues based on artists and entertainers whose work is influenced by faith.

Swan-OutOfTheColdOut of the Cold: A history of caring

By Michael Swan | Click here for more information

From a modest storefront that opened 28 years ago to serve hot meals to a handful of homeless people, Out of the Cold has developed into an acclaimed winter program that last year provided food and overnight shelter to more than 12,000 homeless people.

Catholic Register associate editor Michael Swan tells the remarkable story of how Out of the Cold evolved from modest beginnings as a weekend project at a Toronto Catholic high school into an extraordinary example of Christian love and caring. It’s a story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

CrosswordsCrosswords for Catholics: 92 puzzles that are good for the soul

By Bob Carson | Click here for more information

Who says religion can't be fun? Crosswords for Catholics is a book of 92 original crossword puzzles by Bob Carson, whose crosswords appear weekly in The Catholic Register. Intended to be uplifting and entertaining, this large-format book combines clues based on traditional religious themes with clues based on artists and entertainers whose work is influenced by faith. The answers aren't exclusively religious but each puzzle has a distinctly religious flavour. Themes range from bible figures, saints and religious orders to writers, artists and social leaders to the Stations of the Cross, the rosary and miracles.

Freitas-AreWeThereYetAre We There Yet?

By Fr. Frank Freitas | Click here for more information

Are We There Yet? is published by Catholic Register Books to help mark the Year of Faith and is timed to coincide with Lent. It is an inspiring book to help people discover who God is calling them to be while also providing a spiritual roadmap to guide them there. Through personal anecdotes, reflections and common-sense advice, Fr. Freitas shows that the key to navigating our spiritual journey is to first identify our purpose in life and then trust in God's compass to show us how to reach our final destination.

Click here to read an extract from the book - "Are We There Yet?"

Ilo-DiscoverYourDivineInvestmentDiscover Your Divine Investment: The path to spiritual joy

By Fr. Stan Chu Ilo | Click here for more information

Discover Your Divine Investment is an inspirational book of joy and hope. By sharing his own personal stories in a very human and compassionate manner, Fr. Stan Chu Ilo calls us to unlock the key to true happiness by identifying God's unique plan for our lives and our purpose for living. He explains that God has a divine investment in each of us. He endows us with gifts and calls us to discover those treasures and use them to maximize our spiritual health and for God's glory. That is no easy task. But Fr. Stan shows us that by being open to God's unconditional love, by spreading that love and by becoming stewards of God's investment, He will lead us onto a path of spiritual joy.

Murphy-CatholicEducationCatholic Education: A Light of Truth

By Dennis Murphy | Click here for more information

Now you can get all Msgr. Dennis Murphy’s essays on the spirituality of Catholic education in a single, paperback volume. The book brings together seven updated essays with an introduction by Msgr. Murphy on the challenges facing Catholic education and how we can meet them.

Raby-TheLittleWorldThe Little World of Fr. Raby, 1980-2007

By Msgr. Thomas Raby | Click here for more information

For almost 50 years, Msgr. Tom Raby delighted readers of The Catholic Register with his folksy observations of life and people in his weekly column “The Little World of Father Raby.”
Following two popular books in the 1970s that showcased his early work, The Little World of Father Raby:1980-2007 is the long-overdue final instalment of the charming tales of parish life that brought Raby legions of fans. It is a book comprising 81 of Raby's best columns, a collection of anecdotes, reflections, lessons, humour, kindness, wisdom, faith and prayer from a humble man who dedicated his life to serving God and his parishioners.

Raby-AChildIsBornA Child is Born: Poems of Christmas

By Msgr. Thomas Raby | Click here for more information

In 1967 beloved columnist Msgr. Tom Raby penned his first Christmas poem and launched a December tradition that would delight readers of The Catholic Register until 2004. For almost four decades the Christmas poems of Fr. Raby were as much a part of the season as the angel atop the tree.

Now for the first time all 37 of those poems have been collected in a book of verse that will fill hearts with joy and fit easily in a Christmas stocking.