New interfaith program at St. Mike's reflects Toronto's changing face

A new program leading to a diploma from the University of St. Michael’s College is all about education with a purpose, St. Mike’s dean of theology James Ginther told The Catholic Register.

St. Joseph’s College in Edmonton looks to stand out in crowd 

EDMONTON – As St. Joseph’s College in Edmonton looks to the future, a top priority is emerging.

Brescia celebrates a century of inspiring women

Looking back to 1919 and the place of women in society, the world was a much different place. 

King’s University College doubles down on its future

King’s University College has taken a big step into its own future by doubling the size of its campus footprint.

Vancouver teachers get to the Core of their faith

VANCOUVER – Vancouver College religion teacher Greg Van Dyk is always looking for new ways to teach the faith. So when he took a course at St. Mark’s College that compared mortal and venial sin to a broken bone versus a fracture, he knew he had something he could use.

New site helps students make right connections, reconnect with Catholic faith

Going to university often means leaving home and friends behind, but it doesn’t have to mean parting ways with your Catholic faith.

  • By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

Brescia's first Fulbright scholar exploring unique Arctic Council

Andrew Chater understands he is going where no Brescia University College faculty has ever gone before, and it’s a challenge he is welcoming.

  • By Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

Political passion looks for a place on campus

For most Catholics on the greyer side of the generation divide, student politics today definitely isn’t what it used to be.

  • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

University's new president ponders what's next for St. Michael's College

David Sylvester was installed as the new president of the University of St. Michael’s College on Oct. 4 at St. Basil’s Church in Toronto. Here is an edited transcript of his speech that day, reflecting on the importance of the school and of Catholic education: