Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register

Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register

Evan is a news reporter for The Catholic Register who graduated from Ryerson University's Bachelor of Journalism program with a major in newspaper and minor in English.

Byline appearances include The Hockey News, Fully Loaded, The Gravenhurst Banner, Classicboat Magazine and The Community Press.

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Pursuing higher education at the university level offers the opportunity to grow nearer to God.

When Max began sticking a needle into his arm to escape emotional discomfort last summer, he knew his addiction to opioids had crossed a line and only faith in a higher power could bring him back.

Toronto’s Catholic school board is giving victims and witnesses the option of anonymity when reporting incidents thanks to a new smartphone application.

Euthanasia is here to stay, so Catholic health care workers must rely on their Christian perspectives to guide them through the tensions caused by medical aid in dying.

As Catholic doctors and other conscientious objectors face discipline that could include losing their medical license, the Archdiocese of Toronto has launched an eight-week campaign to promote “robust conscience protection” for health care workers.

For those suffering from a frail, forgotten or non-existent belief in God, the HBO mini-series The Young Pope has a message that may change some minds, says Sr. Helena Burns.

About 1,000 protesters descended on the American consulate in Toronto on Jan. 30 to protest a U.S. executive order that establishes a temporary ban on immigrants to the U.S. from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

A partnership between St. Francis Table and The Boulevard Club will help the Franciscan-run restaurant for the poor continue to serve up its signature dish — dignity.

When it comes to ridding sports teams of offensive nicknames, it appears that most school boards in the Toronto area are ahead of the game.

If there's one thing a school's name should do, it's inspire.