Let us launch our Biblical journey

  • June 6, 2024

At the outset of her new book Reading Genesis, the much honoured and much loved Christian writer, Marilynne Robinson, calls attention not just to the events of the Bible’s first book but to the specificity of the order in which they happen. “Their sequence is an articulation of a complex statement about reality,” Robinson notes. The “wandring steps and slow” of Adam and Eve taking “their solitary way” through Eden in Milton’s heart-rending end to Paradise Lost become, in Robinson’s framing, a statement that, “The magnificent account of the onset of Being and the creation by God of His image in humankind is undiminished in all that follows despite the movement away from the world of God’s first intention — modified as this statement must by the faith that He has a greater, embracing intention that cannot fail.”

Following that movement sequentially from the opening words of Genesis, then, is to walk amid the Biblical parables, history and experience that bring us face to face with the reality of faith embodying God’s infallible embracing intention for us. For that reason, The Catholic Register will present over the next 12 months a “Journey through the Bible” led by Lea Karen Kivi. The seven-day reading program will appear weekly in the space that formerly featured Fr. Scott Lewis, who we thank abundantly for his many years of service to the Register in God’s Word on Sunday.

Lea herself has made a journey of life and faith and the Scripture reading program she will set out replicates one she began in California where she worked in Silicon Valley until converting to Catholicism and making a 60-day Jesuit retreat. Currently president of Angela’s Heart Communications, her professional life is a technical writer for corporations ranging from Hewlett-Packard to Canada’s chartered banks. Readers of her frequent Register columns will know, however, that her mission is bringing God’s word to the mending of realtionships and the complex realities of the human heart.

The Register welcomes responses and advice from those who engage in the reading program. Comments can be submitted to editor@catholicregister.org and should be marked “Bible Journey.”

Peter Stockland


Week 1 – Sunday, June 9 to Saturday, June 15, 2024

Here are the Bible Book(s)/Chapter(s) to read each day this week. Note that the readings are based on the New American Bible.

Day 1 – Sunday, June 9, 2024

Genesis Chapters 1-4

In this first reading of our journey through the Bible, the first chapter of Genesis describes the creative power of God in forming the heavens, the earth and all living beings.

Prayerfully read Genesis Chapter 1 again. Then, look at or touch several objects or plants in the area where you are reading. Think about how these objects were made, or how the plants grew.

In Genesis 1:28, we read that God wants us to be fertile and multiply. Ask God how He wants you to use your gifts and talents to bring life and beauty to the world. Be still for a few minutes, and then make a note of any ideas or images that come to mind.

How is God calling you to be fertile and multiply?

Day 2 – Monday, June 10, 2024

Genesis Chapters 5-8

In Genesis Chapter 5, we see a long list describing the descendants of Adam up until the time of Noah. Observe that almost every entry for the descendants ends with words such as, “then he died.”

Read Genesis 5:24 and 6:8-10 again. How do these descriptions of the lives of Enoch and Noah differ from the descriptions of the other descendants? What was it that Enoch and Noah had in common?

Ask God to show you what walking with God means to your own life.  How are you being called to walk with God?

Day 3 – Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Genesis Chapters 9-12

In Genesis Chapter 11, we read that everyone in the world spoke the same language. When God saw that the people were misusing their power of language, God changed their language. The people were no longer able to understand each other and were, therefore, less powerful.

How many different languages do people in your church, office  or neighbourhood speak? How do people use their power of language?

Read 1 Corinthians 13:1. Ask God to give us enough love to understand and care about all people, no matter what language they speak. How can you use your power of language to bless others?

Day 4 – Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Genesis Chapters 13-16

In our readings over the last couple of days, we have seen a number of Abram’s strengths and weaknesses. What strengths did Abram have? What weaknesses?

Abram, who was later renamed Abraham, became the father of many nations. When you think about Abram’s strengths and weaknesses, does it surprise you to think that God could use someone like him to do God’s work?

Ask God to help us see that we, who are as imperfect as Abram was, also have value and purpose beyond what we could ever imagine.

What are your strengths?

Day 5 – Thursday, June 13, 2024

Genesis Chapters 17-20

Today, we read about the relationships between several people: Abraham and Sarah; Sarah and Hagar; and Lot, the angelic visitors, and the townsmen of Sodom.

How does the way that people related to each other at the time of Abraham resemble how people relate to each other in today’s world? Are the challenges that the people faced in Abraham’s time similar to the challenges that we face today?

Ask God to help us to learn lessons from studying the lives of our spiritual ancestors that we can apply to our own lives.

What lesson have you learned from these spiritual ancestors today?

Day 6 – Friday, June 14, 2024

Genesis Chapters 21-24

In Genesis Chapter 22, God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son Isaac.

Ask God to show us where to find God’s comforting presence when the deepest desires of our hearts appear to be threatened.

Is God testing you now by asking you to trust God with some loved one or something else in your life? Are you struggling with this test alone?

Day 7 – Saturday, June 15, 2024

Genesis Chapters 25-29

In today’s reading, we see that Jacob and Esau learned how to fight already in their mother’s womb. In nature, we see kittens and other young animals wrestling with each other to learn skills they’ll need when they are fully grown.

Ask God to help us all to play, to argue and to fight in an appropriate way.

Where and with whom did you first learn a way to play, to fight or to argue? Is there a better way for you to use today?