YANGON, Myanmar – A controversial China-funded dam project in Myanmar must be stopped, said Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon, noting that the affected river is the country's most sacred symbol.
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Energy is one of the great miracles of life. As the trees lose their leaves and preserve energy for the spring, I have been thinking about how I spend my energy, and what human dormancy looks like. 

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All things considered, I believe that I grew up with a relatively healthy concept of God.

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TORONTO - To encourage his students to start thinking about the environment of tomorrow today, technology teacher Joe Ferro has brought renewable energy into the classroom at Neil McNeil High School.

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Top officials from the Vatican, the head of the United Nations and leading scientists came together at a summit Tuesday (April 28) in Vatican City to label the fight against man-made climate change as a “moral issue.”

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Few thinkers have influenced me as profoundly as Robert L. Moore. Moore is a scholar who has spent almost 50 years studying human energy from the perspective of psychology, anthropology and spirituality. Few scholars are his equal in linking human energy, even when it is raw and grandiose, to the image and likeness of God inside of us. He merits an audience.