Loneliness is creating headlines around the world, though not so much in Canada, even if we are part of the same trend across the anglo-world.

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Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County is targeting loneliness, isolation and depression in senior men through an innovative program that improves their mental health and well-being.

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Being steadfast in times of suffering can be a struggle. COVID-19 continues to create a murky picture for Canada’s near future. All around us, people suffer from loneliness, anxiety, illness and despair.

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Already vulnerable and alone, many homeless and at risk youth are finding themselves dealing with more than the coronavirus and its restrictions this Christmas. To them, loneliness is another pandemic.

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A young woman told me how she almost took her own life at 21. Not because she had no friends or family (she knew she did) but because she felt alone in her pain, isolated in the anguish she had carried so long, and convinced nobody could hear.

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Religion can play a key role in reducing social isolation and loneliness, suggests a new Angus Reid Institute poll.

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but for some it can be the loneliest. 

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REGINA – In modern society, people talk plenty about nature and the environment, but when it comes down to reality, they don’t actually experience what God has created around us.

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DENVER, Colo. – It was August in Rome, the dog days of summer, and most people had left the Eternal City for the beach or another summer holiday destination.

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