Pope Francis prays for Madagascar's working poor

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar -- Standing where the phrase "by the sweat of their brow" is a daily reality for hundreds of Madagascar's poor, Pope Francis prayed for those whose daily bread is earned by hard physical labor and for the unemployed longing to earn a living for their families.

Solidarity, not poverty, is God's plan, Pope Francis says

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar -- God's plan for humanity involves community, mutual support, sharing and caring for each other and for the earth, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis to young people: Change the world

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar -- Following Jesus means growing in friendship with him and with one's brothers and sisters, never being content with the way things are, but not just griping about them either, Pope Francis told young people.

Pope Francis in Madagascar: Help the poor, protect the environment

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar -- In Madagascar, where the destruction of the environment and the suffering of the poor are inextricably bound, Pope Francis urged government officials to promote development projects that protect nature.

Leaving Mozambique, Pope Francis urges reconciliation

MAPUTO, Mozambique -- When Jesus told his disciples to love one another and pray for their enemies, he meant it -- even disciples in a nation like Mozambique, where political tensions have led to violence, war and death, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis to Mozambique church workers: Move forward, don't be afraid

MAPUTO, Mozambique -- The Catholic Church's ministers -- including catechists and bishops -- are called to be realistic, to treasure the Christian identity and to never be afraid to move forward and try new ways to bring the Gospel to life, Pope Francis said.

Burke and Brandmüller: Amazon synod challenges deposit of faith

VATICAN CITY (CNA) - Two cardinals have sent letters to fellow members of the College of Cardinals, raising concerns about the working document for an upcoming synod of bishops on the pan-Amazonian region.

Pope Francis talks peace, politics in Mozambique

MAPUTO, Mozambique -- With a courtesy and solemnity seldom seen at a gathering of opposing political leaders, Mozambican politicians came together a month before their general election to welcome Pope Francis and pledge to work for peace and the common good.

Paglia responds to controversy at JPII Institute

WASHINGTON D.C. (CNA) -- Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, grand chancellor of Rome’s Pontifical Institute John Paul II and president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, has responded to controversy over a plan to restructure the school’s faculty and curriculum.

Crowds give Pope Francis warm welcome in Mozambique

MAPUTO, Mozambique -- Greeted with full military honors, traditional dances and huge crowds lining the streets, Pope Francis arrived in Mozambique Sept. 4 at the start of a weeklong trip to Africa.

Pope Francis 'honoured' by personal attacks

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT TO MOZAMBIQUE -- Pope Francis told a reporter that it is "an honor when Americans attack me."