Pope Francis joins prayers for victims of bloody weekend in U.S.

WASHINGTON -- Pope Francis joined Catholic Church leaders expressing sorrow after back-to-back mass shootings in the United States left at least 31 dead and dozens injured in Texas and Ohio Aug. 3 and 4.

JPII Institute VP says school's identity is 'seriously threatened'

VATICAN CITY (CNA) - The vice-president of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome said that changes to the school’s governing structure and academic program are a serious threat to its identity, and to the important pastoral ministry it supports.

Vatican City to set up abuse reporting system by end of year

VATICAN CITY -- Vatican City State will have its own reporting system in place before the end of the year for flagging suspected cases of the abuse of minors and vulnerable people and instances of cover-up or negligence in handling such cases, the Vatican said.

Pope Francis makes surprise visit to nun recovering from surgery

VATICAN CITY -- An elderly religious sister who worked for many years at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, the papal residence, was at her congregation's house recovering from surgery when she received an unexpected visit from Pope Francis.

Pope Francis: Prostitution is 'disgusting vice'

VATICAN CITY -- Prostitution is a horrendous crime that reduces vulnerable women to tortured slaves who are at the mercy of their clients, Pope Francis said.

Cause for beatification of British missionary in Zimbabwe opens Sept. 5

MANCHESTER, England -- The Vatican has allowed the bishops of Zimbabwe to open the sainthood cause of a British missionary murdered after he refused to abandon his ministry to people with Hansen's disease during the country's civil war.

Missing woman's remains not found among bones

VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican press office said that the results of a morphological analysis of bones and bone fragments found at an ossuary in a Vatican cemetery concluded that none belonged to Emanuela Orlandi, a young Italian woman who has been missing for more than 30 years.

Synergy, cooperation at heart of Vatican media reform

VATICAN CITY -- With the recent appointments of Matteo Bruni as the new director of the Holy See Press Office and Cristiane Murray as vice director, the Vatican is taking another step forward in its continuing efforts to reform its communication structures.

Pope Francis appoints Brazilian as vice director for Vatican press office

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis appointed Cristiane Murray, a Brazilian journalist with Vatican Radio-Vatican News, to serve as vice director of the Vatican press office.

Pope Francis calls for 'apostolate of prevention' to protect minors

VATICAN CITY -- Prevention is key in protecting minors from abuse, Pope Francis said.

Forensic experts to study 'thousands of bones' found in Vatican ossuaries

VATICAN CITY -- During a search for the remains of a young Italian woman missing for more than 30 years, workers discovered an enormous number of bones inside two ossuaries in a building next to a Vatican cemetery.