Vatican court upholds climate activists’ conviction

The Vatican City appeals court upheld the conviction of two Italian climate activists who glued their hands to an ancient sculpture in the Vatican Museums.

CCCB offers Lenten video reflections

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (CCCB) Journey Through Lent video series is back for the second straight year, its third iteration since 2021.

Taking time to reflect on Lent

Lent is greeted by many as a time to curb the unnecessary busyness preventing them from experiencing a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis says document on blessings makes clear that the Gospel is for all

Making a list of which sinners are welcome in the church and which sinners are not goes against the teaching of the Gospel, Pope Francis told an Italian newspaper.

Pope Francis clears the way for the canonization of Canadian blessed

Pope Francis signed a decree clearing the way for the canonization of Canada-born Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis, founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family.

Doctrine chief says his book on sexuality not something he'd write today

The Vatican's doctrine chief said the sometimes-graphic book on sexuality and spirituality that he published 25 years ago is "a book of my youth that I certainly would not write now."

Vatican doctrine official says priestly celibacy should be optional

The Catholic Church should revise its celibacy requirement for Latin-rite priests, a senior official in the Vatican's doctrinal office said.

Late Pope Benedict remembered on first anniversary of his death

As an expression of ongoing affection and gratitude for the late Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis led tens of thousands of people in St. Peter's Square in a round of applause for his predecessor on the first anniversary of his death.

Vatican to publish 'private' homilies of late Pope Benedict

The Vatican publishing house announced it will release a book of some 130 homilies given by the late Pope Benedict XVI at private Sunday Masses -- 30 given while he was pope and more than 100 given to members of his household once he retired.

Pope Francis' Christmas message: Say 'yes' to the Prince of Peace, 'no' to war

Celebrating the birth of Jesus, the prince of peace, should mean making a commitment to opposing all war, to cherishing human life, feeding the hungry and speaking up for those who have no voice, Pope Francis said.

Doctrinal dicastery explains how, when gay couples can be blessed

A Catholic priest can bless a gay or other unmarried couple as long as it is not a formal liturgical blessing and does not give the impression that the Catholic Church is blessing the union as if it were a marriage, the Vatican doctrinal office said.