At Mass, Jesus seeks to bring others with him to salvation, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – If people really understood that participating at Mass is witnessing Christ's suffering, death and resurrection, then maybe they would stop taking pictures, talking, making comments and acting as if it were some kind of show, Pope Francis said.

Cultural colonization blasphemes God by trying to alter His creation

VATICAN CITY – Ideological colonization is a form of persecution that seeks to obliterate the past, eradicate what makes people different and impose uniformity, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis calls Benedict's teaching 'precious heritage'

VATICAN CITY – The theological work and papal teaching of retired Pope Benedict XVI "continue to be a living and precious heritage for the church," Pope Francis said.

'Invest in love,' Pope says on first World Day of the Poor

VATICAN CITY – People have a basic choice in the way they live: either striving to build up treasures on earth or giving to others in order to gain heaven, Pope Francis said.

Care for the dying does not mean relentlessly resisting death, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – People who are dying must be accompanied with the love of family members and the care of medical professionals, but there is no requirement that every means available must be used to prolong their lives, Pope Francis said.

The Smiling Pope's contagious joy in his anecdotes

During his brief pontificate in 1978, Pope John Paul I delivered 19 speeches, many of which included folksy stories and examples from his own life.

John Paul I takes first step to sainthood as book tries to debunk conspiracies

VATICAN CITY – Two women may hold the key to clearing up questions still surrounding the death of Pope John Paul I and speed his journey to canonization.

Mass is a time of silence and prayer, not chitchat, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – Mass is the highest form of prayer and not an appropriate moment for small talk, Pope Francis said.

If you died today, would you be ready? Pope asks

VATICAN – On Sunday Pope Francis encouraged people not to wait to reflect on their lives, but to ask themselves: If this was my last day on earth, am I prepared? Am I cooperating with God’s grace?

Mass is for the Eucharist, not pictures, Pope says

VATICAN - On Wednesday a fiery Pope Francis chastised those who spend Mass talking to others, looking at their phone or even taking pictures during papal liturgies, saying these are distractions that take focus away from the “heart of the Church,” which is the Eucharist.

Teach students role of justice in migration, Pope says

VATICAN – Catholic universities need to study the root causes of forced migration and ways to counter the discrimination and xenophobic reactions it provokes in so many traditionally Christian nations, Pope Francis said.