Vatican approves second miracle needed for Paul VI’s canonization

VATICAN – On Tuesday the Congregation for the Causes of Saints approved the second miracle needed for the canonization of Blessed Pope Paul VI, allowing his canonization to take place, possibly later this year.

'I am on a pilgrimage toward Home,' Benedict XVI says

VATICAN – "I am on a pilgrimage toward Home," retired Pope Benedict XVI wrote, capitalizing the Italian word "casa" or "home."

Rekindle your love for the faith with fasting, almsgiving, Pope says in Lenten message

VATICAN – In his message for the upcoming Lenten season, Pope Francis urged people to renew their enthusiasm for the faith, using this season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving as an opportunity to stoke the flame of charity in their heart.

Scripture is more important than current events talk, Pope says

VATICAN – Listening to the Scripture readings at Mass is hearing God speak directly to his people, offering spiritual sustenance and needed guidance for life's difficult journey, Pope Francis said.

Authentic pastors do not leave people in their confusion and error, Pope says

VATICAN – A truly pastoral minister never leaves people to suffer on their own or to become a victim to their own errors and confusion, Pope Francis told members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Sharing 'fake news' makes one an accomplice in evil, Pope says

VATICAN - People have a responsibility to check the source of what they share on social media to ensure it is not "fake news" designed to further prejudices or increase fear, Pope Francis said.

Christians must convert to ecumenism, cardinal says

VATICAN – To be effective evangelizers, the Catholic Church and other Christian churches must constantly undergo their own conversion to a stronger commitment to Christian unity, said Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Vatican's chief ecumenist.

Be intentional about silence during Mass, Pope says

VATICAN – Pope Francis said Wednesday that moments of silence in the Mass should be intentional times of prayer, recollection and communion with God, rather than being viewed as times to just be quiet or not speak.

Follow Jesus like the Magi, Pope urges on Epiphany

VATICAN CITY – To follow Jesus, one must set out like the Magi, leaving comfort behind, following the light and offering the Lord gifts without expecting anything in return, Pope Francis said Jan. 6 during Mass on the feast of the Epiphany.

Don't confess other's faults, own up to sins, Pope says

VATICAN – Fear and the shame of admitting one's own sins leads to pointing fingers and accusing others rather than recognizing one's own faults, Pope Francis said.

Pope urges respect for life on the Feast of Mary, Mother of God

VATICAN – Pope Francis began the New Year praying the world would demonstrate a marked increase in solidarity and welcome for migrants and refugees.