Biggest danger is in life is mediocrity, living in fear, Pope says

VATICAN – The worst enemies in a young person's life aren't the problems they may face, Pope Francis said.

Pope tells children to remembers their roots while sharing his childhood memories

VATICAN – Pope Francis told Italian schoolchildren that he grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, "the most beautiful city in the world," and that besides playing soccer, he loved to fly kites as a child.

Blasphemy is the gravest sin, Pope says

VATICAN – During his Angelus address on Sunday, Pope Francis discussed the incomprehension Christ faced during his earthly ministry, from both the scribes and his own family.

Pope's June prayer intention focuses a more inclusive social media

VATICAN – In his prayer video for June, Pope Francis asked that digital communications and social media platforms would be a place of inclusion and encounter, rather than isolation and “alienation.”

Gossip destroys Holy Spirit's gift of peace, Pope says

VATICAN – Peace is a gift that can easily be destroyed through petty gossip and speaking ill of others, Pope Francis said.

No sin can erase 'spiritual seal' of baptism, Pope says

VATICAN – The baptismal font is a tomb in which a person dies to sin, and it is a womb through which a person is born to new life in Christ, Pope Francis said.

God's word on Sunday: Christ nourishes our life on the vine

Fifth Sunday of Easter, April 29 (Year B) Acts 9:26-31; Psalm 22; 1 John 3:18-24; John 15:1-8

Either you are with God or with Satan, Pope says

VATICAN – Baptism requires rejecting Satan and professing one's full faith in God, Pope Francis said.

Pope, Council of Cardinals discuss new document on Roman Curia

VATICAN – Pope Francis and his international Council of Cardinals have reviewed a complete draft of the apostolic constitution that would govern the Roman Curia, the Vatican spokesman said.

Be fruitful and multiply: Threatened trees planted in Vatican Gardens

VATICAN – The Vatican Gardens has branched out and added a small orchard to its hillsides, becoming a safe haven for a number of endangered native Italian fruit and nut tree species.

Name given at baptism gives sense of identity, belonging, Pope says

VATICAN – Naming a child is an important task for parents, because it gives children a sense of identity and belonging to their family and to God, Pope Francis said.