Repentant sinners need merciful confessors, not inquisitors, Pope says

VATICAN – Priests must give hope to men and women seeking forgiveness, encouraging them in their struggle away from the slippery slope of sin, Pope Francis said.

As young people speak to church, they must listen to Jesus, Pope says

VATICAN – The Catholic Church wants to listen to young people and know where they are coming from, but young Catholics must be ready to listen to Jesus and discover where he wants to lead them, Pope Francis said.

Holiness means bearing witness in everything we do, being 'saints next door', Pope says

VATICAN – God calls all Christians to be saints – not plastic statues of saints, but real people who make time for prayer and who show loving care for others in the simplest gestures, Pope Francis said in his new document on holiness.

Don't be afraid of shame, open hearts to God's mercy, Pope says

VATICAN – Feeling ashamed of one's sins does not mean wallowing in guilt, rather it is the gateway all men and women can use to experience firsthand God's tender mercy and forgiveness, Pope Francis said.

Leave Mass committed to Christian witness, not with a 'loose tongue', Pope says

VATICAN – The final words at Mass – "Go in peace" – are an invitation to Christians to proclaim God's blessings through their lives, not an opportunity to go outside and speak ill of others, Pope Francis said.

Christ is victorious over all that divides people, Pope says

VATICAN – Easter is a feast that calls Christians to gather together, make a commitment to dialogue and to work for the common good, Pope Francis said.

Urbi et orbi: Death, fear do not have the last word, Pope says

VATICAN – Easter makes it clear that in the life of Jesus, but also in the lives of modern men and women, "death, solitude and fear" do not have the last word, Pope Francis said before giving his Easter blessing.

Easter Vigil: Hope breaks routine, unleashes creativity, Pope says

VATICAN – Truly celebrating Easter means allowing Jesus to triumph over personal fears and give life to hope, creativity and care for others, Pope Francis said.

Youth have a mission to rescue human love, papal preacher says

VATICAN – Papal preacher Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa dedicated his Good Friday homily to young people, comparing them to the apostle John and urging them to have the courage to go in the opposite direction of the selfishness of the world, running instead toward the sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross.

Pope on Good Friday: Jesus' church offers truth, comfort despite efforts to discredit it

ROME – Leading a prayer to God for the grace to feel ashamed and repentant for so many sins in the world, Pope Francis highlighted the hope that always comes from Jesus.

Christians may be sinners, but they can't be corrupt, Pope says

VATICAN – Though they may go to church and say they are people of faith, the corrupt and "mafioso" have absolutely nothing Christian about them, Pope Francis said.