Christian vocation is to serve life, health, Pope says

VATICAN – The Catholic Church's care for the sick, especially through Catholic-run hospitals, is an antidote to "the business mentality that is seeking worldwide to turn health care into a profit-making enterprise," Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis calls for a change to ‘Our Father’ prayer

Pope Francis is calling for a new translation of one of the lines from the world’s most famous prayer, the Our Father.

Pope's beauty secret: Be virtuous like Mary

VATICAN – On Friday’s Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Francis offered his own ‘beauty secret’ – with Mary as model – saying beauty does not come from age or appearance, but from living a virtuous life rooted in scripture.

Don't wait to be perfect to answer vocational call, Pope says

Men and women contemplating a vocation to the priesthood, consecrated life or marriage should not be afraid because God wants only for them to experience the joy that comes from serving others, Pope Francis said.

The Church on the Street: Moment of grace enhances a noisy night

The universality of the Catholic Church is never more evident than in the sacraments and the love for the poor. These foundation stones inform its spiritual life and stand as an eternal witness to the love of Christ. 

God's word on Sunday: Prepare for God by using time wisely

2nd Sunday of Advent, Dec. 10 (Year B) Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11; Psalm 85; 2 Peter 3:8-14; Mark 1:1-8
There is a schedule or plan known only to God and then there is the human calendar, but the two are rarely the same. That is where our trouble begins. 

Three gifts sure to make Christmas bright

What’s the best Christmas gift you ever received?

God's Word on Sunday: God is found in compassionate hearts

1st Sunday of Advent, Dec. 3 (Year B) Isaiah 63:16b-17; 64:1, 3-8; Psalm 80; 1 Corinthians 1:3-9; Mark 13:33-37

It’s all God’s fault! As bizarre as that may seem, that appears to be at the heart of the prayer in the final section of Isaiah. The words reflect the human tendency to blame everyone and everything for difficulties instead of accepting personal responsibility. 

Advent is time to identify sin, help the poor, see beauty, Pope says

VATICAN – Advent is a time to be watchful and alert to the ways one strays from God's path, but also to signs of his presence in other people and in the beauty of the world, Pope Francis said.

We will be judged on how we loved, Pope says

VATICAN – On Sunday Pope Francis said that when the Final Judgment comes, what will matter most is how much we loved God and others, especially through daily, concrete acts of charity toward those most in need.

Pope on migration: Peace isn't possible unless we go beyond dispute

VATICAN – When it comes to migration, Pope Francis said the world, particularly Christians, must approach the issue with a “contemplative gaze” that goes beyond polemics and is guided by justice and solidarity, helping to build peace at both the global and local level.