Christians are never bored - they persevere with love, Pope says

VATICAN – On Wednesday Pope Francis said Christians are never bored or hopeless, but know how to wait patiently – even when life is hard, monotonous or unclear – with the knowledge that after the darkness, there is always light.

Pets granted a little taste of Heaven

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Toronto was a zoo on the afternoon of Oct. 7.

Pope recognizes martyrdom of Franciscans killed in Guatemala

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis advanced the sainthood causes of nine men and women, including a Franciscan priest who championed the land rights of farmers in Guatemala.

Pope pledges church commitment to fight child abuse online, offline

VATICAN CITY – Acknowledging how often the Catholic Church failed to protect children from sexual abuse, Pope Francis pledged "to work strenuously and with foresight for the protection of minors and their dignity," including online.

Eliminating any difference between sexes 'is not right,' pope says

VATICAN CITY – While societies must find a way to overcome the subjugation of women, pretending there are no differences between men and women or even using technology to change a person's sex is not the answer, Pope Francis said.

You can't change politics watching from a balcony, Pope Francis says

VATICAN CITY - On Sunday, Pope Francis said that we can’t improve our political landscape by observing and judging from afar, but that it involves personal involvement, which should always be done in a spirit of charity and helpfulness.

Pope's communications day theme: Truth in age of 'fake news'

VATICAN CITY - Given the strong divisions sparked and fueled by "fake news," Pope Francis is highlighting the importance of truth in his message for World Communications Day.

'Amoris Laetitia' is built on traditional Thomist morality, Pope says

VATICAN CITY - Seeing, understanding and engaging with people's real lives does not "bastardize" theology, rather it is what is needed to guide people toward God, Pope Francis told Jesuits in Colombia.

'Share the journey,' embrace migrants, refugees, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – Christ calls believers to welcome migrants and refugees "with arms wide open, ready to give a sincere, affectionate, enveloping embrace," Pope Francis said, launching the "Share the Journey" campaign of Catholic charities around the world.

Worst sin is doubting God waits for all sinners to convert, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – The worst sin of all is not trusting in God's infinite love and not believing that God is always waiting for his sinning children to return to him, Pope Francis said.

Recognize God's presence, be open to solace he brings, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – Christians must learn to expect and recognize God's consolation and hold dear the peace and tranquility it leaves behind, Pope Francis said.