Easter Vigil: Hope breaks routine, unleashes creativity, Pope says

VATICAN – Truly celebrating Easter means allowing Jesus to triumph over personal fears and give life to hope, creativity and care for others, Pope Francis said.

Youth have a mission to rescue human love, papal preacher says

VATICAN – Papal preacher Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa dedicated his Good Friday homily to young people, comparing them to the apostle John and urging them to have the courage to go in the opposite direction of the selfishness of the world, running instead toward the sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross.

Pope on Good Friday: Jesus' church offers truth, comfort despite efforts to discredit it

ROME – Leading a prayer to God for the grace to feel ashamed and repentant for so many sins in the world, Pope Francis highlighted the hope that always comes from Jesus.

Christians may be sinners, but they can't be corrupt, Pope says

VATICAN – Though they may go to church and say they are people of faith, the corrupt and "mafioso" have absolutely nothing Christian about them, Pope Francis said.

Canadian bishops: Let Easter be our call to reconciliation

The following is the Easter message from Bishop Lionel Gendron, president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Mary, Mother of the Church should be celebrated this year, Cardinal Sarah says

VATICAN – Reminding bishops, pastors and Catholics around the world that all Latin-rite Catholics should celebrate the feast of Mary, Mother of the Church on the Monday after Pentecost this year, Cardinal Robert Sarah said the celebration should take precedence over any other possible liturgy that day.

The Easter Triduum leads to understanding of Passion

On Ash Wednesday, the mark of ashes on our foreheads led us into our journey of faith in the Holy Season of Lent. Throughout this journey, we have tried to make some progress in our spiritual lives so we can be ready to celebrate Easter. 

If you cannot say 'no' to yourself, you cannot say 'yes' to serving others, papal preacher says

VATICAN – If Catholic morality in the past seemed so obsessed with preventing sexual sin that it ignored sins of injustice, today "we have gone to the opposite extreme," seemingly concerned only with how people treat others, not with how they treat the gift of their bodies, the papal preacher said.

Five wounds of Christ: Pope urges recovery of traditional devotion

VATICAN – Pope Francis seems to be fixated on the wounds of Christ. And he has suggested that other Catholics might want to be as well.

Present in the Eucharist, Jesus transforms those who receive him, Pope says

VATICAN – Despite the chill and gusts of wind in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis welcomed the beginning of spring with an impromptu lesson about gardening and how to grow into being better Christians.

The crucifix is for contemplation, not decoration, says Pope

VATICAN – On Sunday Pope Francis said that the crucifix is not just something decorative to hang on the wall or wear, it is an important sign of our beliefs – and should be truly looked at and prayed before as the source of our salvation.