At the beginning of every academic year, parishes across the Archdiocese of Toronto begin the process of preparing their young parishioners to celebrate Confirmation. It is one of three “sacraments of initiation” — the others being Baptism and Eucharist — that lays the foundations of every Catholic life.

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VATICAN – Everyone who has received the sacrament of confirmation has received the gift of the Holy Spirit, who guides them and gives them the strength to follow God's will, Pope Francis said.
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ROME (CNS) – Pope Francis asked 45,000 children preparing for confirmation to promise Jesus they would never engage in bullying.

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Every so often, I get questioning looks directed at the cross hanging from my neck. Sometimes, people are curious to know what that wooden symbol means.

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The Sacrament of Confirmation needs to be a family affair, says Anne Jamieson.

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I recently read an article about how Confirmation is often seen as a milestone, like graduation, rather than a sacred tradition. This led me to think back on my own experience with the sacrament.

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VATICAN CITY - Administering the sacrament of Confirmation to 44 people, including two teenagers from the United States and two from Ireland, Pope Francis encouraged them to "swim against the tide; it's good for the heart."

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