On the doorstep of what would become the COVID-19 crisis of spring 2020, a wise woman I encountered called me out on the distinction between hope and expectation.

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The doors may be locked at St. Mary Immaculate Church in Elora, Ont., but Christ is still open and welcoming parishioners.

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VATICAN CITY -- In preparation for the May 18 resumption of public liturgies in Italy and a morning Mass with Pope Francis at the tomb of St. John Paul II, Vatican workers cleaned and sanitized the inside of St. Peter's Basilica May 15.

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There is not a lot to commend living in a quarantined world.

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Canada’s bishops and their Indigenous partners in the Guadalupe Circle are calling for “a decarceration plan” — sending inmates home to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in heavily Indigenous prison populations.

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I had promised myself that I wouldn’t write a COVID-19 column.

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ROME -- Sweden’s high death rate among the elderly raises questions about the government’s effectiveness in combating COVID-19, said the nation’s cardinal.

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VATICAN CITY -- The coronavirus pandemic has drawn well-deserved attention to nurses and midwives, who are among "the saints next door," dedicated to helping people in some of the most joyful or painful moments of their lives, Pope Francis said.

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Daily Mass is looking a lot different for Fr. Mario Infante during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cash-strapped dioceses across Canada have been applying for assistance through federal programs but they don’t expect to see any money until at least June.

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Mother Teresa was once famously quoted as saying, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

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Before reading this editorial, take a few seconds to return to the cover of this week’s issue. That tender scene of a senior in long-term care reaching out but not touching a loved one is happening daily across Canada.

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The first week of July was shaping up to be a big one in the life of Arnold Cordova — then along came the COVID-19 outbreak.

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“In difficult situations, we are called to be holy,” said Cardinal Thomas Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto, during his homily on April 28.

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We need not sit sipping Lysol lemonade and Clorox cocktails in the left field bleachers with Donald Trump to insist that recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is too important to be left exclusively to politicians and health care technocrats.

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