VATICAN – Christians must not take advantage of God's forgiveness -- selfishly repeating sin after sin -- because God's wrath for those who refuse to change their ways is just as great as his mercy, Pope Francis said in a morning homily.
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No social media. No alcohol. No sweets. No hot showers. No secular music. 

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As the federal government finds itself embroiled in battles with a number of provinces over its introduction of a price on carbon, Citizens for Public Justice wants to let it know there are many in the faith community that support government efforts dealing with climate change.

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Maybe it’s just me, but it’s so easy to get lost in the little sacrifices and traditions of Lent, forgetting what the real point is behind them.

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SASKATOON – Leah Perrault was already the author of two books when a publisher approached her last summer about writing a family-oriented resource book for Lent.

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If Mary Magdalene could retell the story of Jesus’ resurrection, what would she say?

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Kelsey Jennings is doing something a little different for Lent this year. Instead of abstaining from something for her Lenten observance, she decided to add to her daily devotion.
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For Jaclyn Dela Cruz, to properly depict the Resurrection she had to capture how Jesus might have felt on that first Easter morning.

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Good Friday was bad long before it was good, at least from outward appearances.

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Heading into church last month for the noon-hour service on Ash Wednesday, I walked along the sidewalk behind two middle-aged couples decked out in office-type apparel. I overheard that one of the couples was heading out for a bite of lunch and the other was skipping lunch to attend the service that marks the beginning of Lenten fasting, penance and prayer that is now entering its final days before we reach the glory of Easter Sunday.

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Begin at the end and work backwards.

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WASHINGTON – Almsgiving is a Lenten tradition and Washington resident Ron Van Bellen says his volunteer work feeding the homeless honours his Catholic faith as he prepares for Easter.

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Have you ever studied the stained glass windows in your church?

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VATICAN CITY – On the first Sunday of Lent, Pope Francis said if we want to fight against the temptation of sin, we must be familiar with the Word of God – treating the Bible more like how we treat our cellphone.

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WASHINGTON – There is no getting around fasting during Lent.

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