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Marian devotion and the Church’s preferential option for the poor come together in the feast of the Visitation, celebrated May 31. The feast marks the beginning of Mary’s three-month visit to her cousin Elizabeth.

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I am writing this in early February on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. The account of that great biblical scene appears in Luke.

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VATICAN CITY - Mary's Immaculate Conception offers a glimpse to the promised life for all Christians who open their hearts to God and his grace, Pope Francis said.

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Clothed in traditional blue and white garments, radiating a great light and youthfulness, the Mother of God appeared to Cosmo Femia in a dream, beseeching in imploring words: “You have a big responsibility, all those souls in your hands; will you bring them to my Son?”

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One can never have enough good guidance in this tumultuous world. Intercession through the Mother of God is never in vain.

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WASHINGTON -- Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, and five other bishops have concluded that alleged apparitions of Our Lady of America -- said to have taken place more than six decades ago -- were not of supernatural origin.

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Facing lockdowns, economic strife and the health threats brought on by the deadly coronavirus, Catholics across the country and in the United States turned to the Blessed Virgin for help May 1.

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OTTAWA -- The tradition of honouring the Blessed Virgin Mary in the month of May is taking on even greater significance this year as Catholics around the world are being asked to turn to the mother of Jesus for protection during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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The bishops of Canada and the U.S. will consecrate their nations to the Blessed Virgin Mary May 1 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What motherhood means ought to be obvious. We all have mothers. We all know mothers. Some of us are mothers. What is there to explain?

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Anyone who has experienced the cold of a Quebec winter, where the wind whipping up the St. Lawrence Valley will chill the bones of even the hardiest of souls and it is a given that the mighty St. Lawrence will freeze over, can be forgiven for thinking a mild winter in this part of Canada is a myth.

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Mary and the Incarnation by Christine Granger (Novalis, 80 pages, softcover, $17.95)

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VATICAN – Mary's assumption into heaven was a special sign of God's favor, but it also indicates God's desire to save all people, body and soul, Pope Francis said.
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ROME – Pope Francis visited Rome's popular Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love to pray the rosary for peace, especially in Syria.
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VATICAN CITY – In a week in which natural disasters, war and racial conflicts dominated the headlines, Pope Francis prayed that Mary would bring peace to a divided world.

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