If you think St. Augustine instilled the Church with phobias about sex, you probably don’t understand St. Augustine, PhD student Meghan Bowen told an audience of theology students Jan. 9 at Regis College in Toronto.

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Consider this a non-poetic, nonrhyming ode to St. Augustine’s Seminary. I love the Toronto school and I want to explain why. And then I hope you will love it, too.

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VANCOUVER – Catholic and Protestant scholars at the University of British Columbia are finding ways to actually use the Reformation to bring them closer together.

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One of the sweetest attractions of off-the-grid summertime breaks is the opportunity to push out the parameters of your usual reading routines. This summer I decided it was time to finally immerse myself in the writings of St. Augustine (354-430 AD) and read the two works for which he is best known, Confessions and The City of God.

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VATICAN CITY - Singing is good for one's soul and, as St. Augustine says, Christian life is not a sad path but a joyous one that is done "singing and walking," Pope Francis said.

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RICHMOND, B.C. - An assistant professor at UBC has fused his interest in blues, jazz and Mexican folk music to create a harmonious discussion on one of his favourite saints.

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Although I grew up in a loving, safe and nurturing family and community, one of the dominant memories of my childhood and teenage years is that of being restless and somehow discontent. My life always seemed too small, too confined, a life away from what was important in the world. I was forever longing to be more connected to life and I feared that other people didn’t feel that way and that I was somehow singular and unhealthy in my restlessness. 

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TORONTO - A professor of theology at Toronto’s St. Augustine’s Seminary has been chosen to lead the Syro-Malabarrite Diocese of Chanda, India.

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