Joe Grogan is proud of his working class origins in Toronto’s tough Parkdale neighbourhood. He’s proud of a lifetime of labour activism, following in the tradition of his father who was active in the Textile Workers Union of America throughout the 1940s and ’50s. 

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The Knights of Columbus are offering for free its latest film that takes a deep look into the life of Jesus’ foster father as a model of character and virtue for this generation.

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It was a great year for the Year of St. Joseph, but not because it was a great year. It was a year spent in and out of COVID lockdowns, a year of natural disasters fuelled by climate change and a year for Canadians to confront the hard truths of their history in the form of forgotten graves for Indigenous children who died at residential schools.

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Dec. 8 will be the end of the historic Year of St. Joseph proclaimed by Pope Francis.

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Feedback for an online consecration to St. Joseph this past winter was so positive that Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Catholic Young Adult Events is slated to operate the program a second time beginning Sept. 22.

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Seeing as this is the wonderful year of the wonderful St. Joseph, I shall diverge from my usually grim cultural commentary and instead celebrate the greatest saint in Heaven after Our Lady!

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The first day of the month marked St. Joseph the Worker’s feast day, an incredibly relevant devotion for today’s youth. There are many reasons to foster devotion to this model of strong masculinity each year, but especially in 2021, a special year dedicated to St. Joseph declared by Pope Francis on Dec. 8. 

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Is it possible to entrust the cause of one saint to the intercession of another? Would it ever be necessary? If the former was the greater saint, would it be odd to entrust him to the lesser?

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Pope Francis announced the “Year of St. Joseph” on Dec. 8 to inspire believers of Christ across the globe to venerate the man who “accepted Mary unconditionally,” taught the value of “participating in the work of salvation” and was a tender earthly father to Jesus.

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For 65 years, Sr. Sue Mosteller has been a Sister of St. Joseph, but her relationship with St. Joseph himself reaches back even further. As a 17-year-old boarding student at the congregation’s Toronto girls’ school (up from the United States, and an Anglican to boot), Mosteller and her sister were called into the office and given a piece of devastating news — far away in Ohio, their father had died.

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VATICAN CITY - Mary's Immaculate Conception offers a glimpse to the promised life for all Christians who open their hearts to God and his grace, Pope Francis said.

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VATICAN CITY - Marking the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being declared patron of the universal church, Pope Francis proclaimed a yearlong celebration dedicated to the foster father of Jesus.

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As a young person, finding love can be extremely hard. While Catholics have historically turned to St. Joseph for help in this matter, this revered saint is perhaps overlooked by today’s young people for the guidance he can provide to those looking for their future spouse.

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VATICAN – While St. Joseph was a practical, down-to-earth man, he had enough faith to be open to God speaking through dreams, Pope Francis said at morning Mass.
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VATICAN – Pope Francis told the Oblates of St. Joseph that for decades he has relied on the intercession of St. Joseph, and "never, ever has he told me no."
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