VATICAN CITY -- The excluded, especially migrants and refugees, are the ones who ultimately pay the price for humanity's greed, Pope Francis said.

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VATICAN – Being afraid and concerned about the impact of migration is not a sin, Pope Francis said, but it is a sin to let those fears lead to a refusal to help people in need.
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VATICAN CITY – With millions of people fleeing violence, persecution and poverty around the globe, individual nations must expand options that make it possible for migrants and refugees to cross their borders safely and legally, Pope Francis said.

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VATICAN CITY – Migrant children, the most vulnerable and fragile victims of war and persecution, will be at the heart of the Catholic Church's annual day of reflection and prayer on the situation of migrants and refugees.

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TORONTO - At 20 Tarak has been divorced from everything — his family, his home, his childhood and a future that once seemed assured.

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