Catholic education key to fighting indifference, Pope Francis says

VATICAN CITY -- Individualism and consumerism undermine the most basic rules of coexistence and challenge the principles of cooperation and mutual understanding promoted by Catholic education, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis: Airport chaplains have special ministry

VATICAN CITY -- From pilots and passengers to refugees and fast-food workers, the people airport chaplains meet each day all deserve a kind word and an invitation to a relationship with God, Pope Francis said.

Nuncios from around the world to meet with pope

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis has called Vatican nuncios to countries around the world and permanent observers at the U.N. and other agencies to a meeting in Rome June 12-15.

Pope Francis' message for World Mission Day: All Catholics must be missionaries

VATICAN CITY -- By virtue of their baptism, all Catholics are called to be missionaries, sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus by their actions and their words, Pope Francis said.

Gender ideology is opposed to faith, reason, Vatican office says

VATICAN CITY -- Catholic schools must help parents teach young people that biological sex and gender are naturally fixed at birth and part of God's plan for creation, said the Congregation for Catholic Education.

Pope Francis announces plans to visit Iraq in 2020

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Announcing his desire to visit Iraq in 2020, Pope Francis called for a peaceful resolution to crises in the Middle East.

Pope Francis names delegate for pastoral care of Lourdes pilgrims

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis has named a special delegate for the pastoral care of pilgrims to the French shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Vatican News to launch news program, podcast in Latin

VATICAN CITY -- A weekly news program about the pope and the Vatican will now be offered in Latin, the official language of the Holy See.

Church must learn how to speak to young people, Pope Francis says

VATICAN CITY -- Too often when Catholics try to talk to young people about vocational discernment, "it's as if we were speaking Esperanto to them, because they don't understand a thing," Pope Francis said.

Social, economic inequality threatens democracy, Pope Francis tells judges

VATICAN CITY -- One of the greatest threats to democracy is the normalization of social injustice and economic inequality, which remain largely ignored until those most affected rise up in protest and are subsequently labeled as dangerous troublemakers, Pope Francis said.

Vatican names Filipino boy who died at 17 Servant of God

MANILA, Philippines -- A Filipino teenager who died could be on his way to sainthood after the Vatican declared him a Servant of God, the first step in the process toward sainthood.