Mary Marrocco: The gift of tears unlocks healing spirit

Her body is thin and tense. It carries the anguish, the hurts and false steps, of years. Her face does not as yet reveal the pain she’s known in her young life. She doesn’t cry. Alone, sometimes, she has bursts of uncontrollable stormy tears. Never the gentle kind and never for long. 

Fr. Yaw Acheampong: Lent is an invitation to a fruitful stewardship

The start of every new season is exciting and full of possibilities. Think of how happy people are when they see the first signs of spring, or, when the first day of school arrives, or, for baseball fans, the excitement they feel on the day of the season opener.

Pope Francis encourages joint community service by rabbis, parish priests

VATICAN – The fruitful friendship and dialogue between Jews and Christians must go beyond the world of experts and academia, Pope Francis said.

God's holiness is a force; 'evil's days are numbered,' Pope says

VATICAN – The holiness of God is a power that is constantly expanding and will defeat all evil once and for all, Pope Francis said.

Making corrections without love is the devil's work, Pope tells pilgrims

VATICAN – Catholics should speak up when things go wrong in the church, but theirs must be constructive criticism delivered with love, Pope Francis said, otherwise the devil is at work.

God loves us like no one else on this Earth, Pope Francis says

VATICAN – When speaking to God as a father, Christians experience a love that goes beyond human love and affection, which can be unpredictable and mired by selfishness, Pope Francis said.

Father Catfish’s legacy as strong as ever

EDMONTON – In life, Fr. Michael Mireau cast a long shadow.

God's Word on Sunday: God builds the roots of our inner strength

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Feb. 17 (Year C) Jeremiah 17:5-8; Psalm 1; 1 Corinthians 15:12, 16-20; Luke 6:17, 20-26

Christians must recognize Jesus in refugees, migrants, Pope says

VATICAN – Even if Christians struggle to recognize him with his "torn clothes (and) dirty feet," Jesus is present in the migrants and refugees who seek safety and a dignified life in a new land, Pope Francis said.

Hearts, not just books, need to change to improve liturgy, Pope says

VATICAN – The sacred liturgy is meant to help the people of God conform their heart, mind and actions more closely to Christ, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis reflects on changed attitudes toward 'purified' liberation theology

VATICAN – Time, experience and reflection have "purified" liberation theology and its attempts to make clear what the Gospel says about social injustice, Pope Francis said.