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It is not easy to be a respected member of the art-world intelligentsia and take religion seriously.

“Religion and modern art continue to be typecast as mortal enemies,” writes Aaron Rosen.

‘Of Kings and Prophets’ like ‘Game of Thrones’ minus the dragons


If you’re planning to watch “Of Kings and Prophets,” bring your bandages.

A failure to communicate


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has decided it doesn’t need a communications committee any more.

Wanted: church home for the Divine Mercy


TORONTO - Roger McCrorie is searching for the perfect home to hang his treasured Josyp Terelya rendition of the Divine Mercy.

Award-winning author inspires Catholic students


Caroline Pignat was teaching her Grade 12 writer’s craft class, doing the daily morning prompt and getting ready to start a new unit on script writing. It was like any other morning.

Nuns among the nudes at Montreal art exhibit


MONTREAL - Two paintings of Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Basilica bathed in the amber glow of a late winter afternoon serve as something of a muted introduction to the Colours of Jazz, a dynamic exhibition of artwork turning heads in Montreal.

A funny thing happened in that Joke with the Pope contest …


The Joke with the Pope contest is over and the winner is … a rabbi.

Philip Neri’s ‘mysticism’ bursts forth in love


Over the exactly 500 years since the birth at Florence of Philip Neri, each age has fashioned a portrait of the saint in colours suggested by its own needs, fashions, tastes. There is an Italian baroque Philip, for example, all miracles and raptures and surprises. The Enlightenment gave us Goethe’s anti-establishment, sceptical Philip, while 19th-century Catholic romanticism proposed a pious “reformer from within” for veneration.

New Vatican arts app highlights museum pieces, restoration


VATICAN CITY - The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums has released a smartphone app to help culture enthusiasts learn about the works owned by the Holy See — and as a novel way of encouraging art lovers to help fund restoration.