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Whenever Alfonse Borysewicz addresses a fresh canvas, a daunting set of issues stares back at him.

Caravaggio calls to Francis across the centuries


If Pope Francis wanted a single image to illustrate the special Year of Mercy that is the current focus of his ministry and, indeed, at the heart of his pontificate, he could do no better than choosing an underappreciated masterpiece by the Italian artist Caravaggio.

Life of Jesus recalled through the power of classical music


TORONTO – The life of Jesus Christ has for centuries been a compelling story for artists and musicians.

The Story of God shares Morgan Freeman’s questions of faith


CHICAGO - It all started about seven years ago when actor Morgan Freeman visited the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Noticing the mosaics of Jesus inside the museum, Freeman asked his tour guide, who was Muslim, if the tiles had been covered over when the building, originally a Greek Orthodox church, was used as a mosque.

The Heart of Creativity, where faith meets art


For anyone looking to figuratively and literally brush up on their faith, Kingston Ont.’s Providence Spirituality Centre is the place to be in May.

Migrant crisis inspires Regis College art exhibition


TORONTO - Truth in all forms of human expression reveals the sacred. Since the beginning, the Church has encouraged artists to express and complement the Gospel message through art.

Creativity on display in 2016 Catholic Register art contest


Before she picked up her paint brush, Belové Da Silva turned to the Bible and was inspired to create what turned out to be a winning entry in The Catholic Register’s annual Easter drawing contest for elementary school children.

'Toronto Passion Play' turns 25


TORONTO - The Toronto Passion Play is an Easter tradition that has attracted thousands of Christians each year to the Church on the Queensway. This year, the full-scale musical production celebrates its 25th anniversary with a curtain call performance of its latest version.

Can religious art be taken seriously again? A Q&A with Aaron Rosen


It is not easy to be a respected member of the art-world intelligentsia and take religion seriously.

“Religion and modern art continue to be typecast as mortal enemies,” writes Aaron Rosen.

‘Of Kings and Prophets’ like ‘Game of Thrones’ minus the dragons


If you’re planning to watch “Of Kings and Prophets,” bring your bandages.