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NEW YORK - The horses have been harnessed and the chariot wheels greased for the new take on the classic film Ben-Hur that will roll into cinemas early next year.

A better life on the road to Heaven


Don Piper died instantly when an oncoming semi-trailer truck crashed into his car on his way home from a conference on Jan. 18, 1989. By the time paramedics were on the scene, they found his body crushed by the roof of his Ford Escort. He had no pulse and the paramedics were just waiting for the medical examiner to arrive to make it official.

Ingrid Bergman: Portrayer of nuns and saints, but much more


NEW YORK - You must remember Ingrid Bergman.

The occasion of the Swedish-born actress' centennial — she was born Aug. 29, 1915 — has spurred lavish retrospectives of her films worldwide, including events at New York's Museum of Modern Art in and the American Film Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Washington exhibit showcases Indiana Jones’ quest for the sacred


WASHINGTON - The exhibit “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology,” at the U.S. National Geographic Museum until Jan. 3, features 100 carefully crafted film props alongside real archaeological finds.

Call to action on the environment


Now is the time Catholics need to prepare for a new urgency and a new way of thinking about our tradition and the natural world. We have to claim a new or renewed intimacy with creation.

Cinderella’s Christian symbolism


Released before Easter, Cinderella is the most surprising Hollywood movie of the year so far.

Pure Flix aims to bring ‘culture of Christ’ to the film industry


David A. R. White and Michael Scott fell in love with movies at Church. Both grew up as pastor’s kids (or PKs as Scott likes to call it) and had regular movie nights at their respective churches, enjoyable nights that brought the whole community together.

Oscar's got nothin' on us: The real best movies, family films of 2014


NEW YORK - The year just past saw the release of a number of films whose celebrated cinematic quality was not matched by moral merit.

Fifty Shades of Grey 'direct assault' on marriage, morality


WASHINGTON - The new movie Fifty Shades of Grey is "a direct assault on Christian marriage and on the moral and spiritual strength of God's people," Cincinnati's archbishop told pastors in his archdiocese.

Ewan McGregor pulls off a convincing Jesus in ‘Last Days in the Desert’


PARK CITY, Utah - Publishers discovered a long time ago that Jesus sells magazines, so it should be no surprise that one of the hottest tickets here at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival was the premiere of “Last Days in the Desert,” directed by Rodrigo Garcia and starring Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and Satan.