VATICAN CITY – When white smoke poured out of the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on October 16, 1978, Fr. Eamon Kelly, a seminarian studying in Rome at the time, couldn’t have known that he was witnessing the election of a future saint.

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The main driving force of history is neither politics nor economics but rather the culture in which these human conditions exist, or so thought a pope who witnessed the phenomenon first hand.

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September 18, 2014

Burying hatred

One of the 20th century’s most vocal Church antagonists is dead. The Rev. Ian Paisley died peacefully in Northern Ireland on Sept. 12, ending a life that for most of its 88 years was spent stoking division and inciting violence between Protestants and Catholics in his troubled homeland. 

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OTTAWA - Conservative MP Wladyslaw Lizon’s Bill C-266 to designate April 2 Pope John Paul II finally passed through a Senate committee May 12 and is expected to come to a vote in the fall.

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