A play featuring gangsters and gamblers doesn’t immediately conjure up many Christian images, but Guys and Dolls isn’t your typical play. 

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LONDON, England - Physician-assisted suicide has been a subject of controversy for several years, but Liz Carr is taking the issue somewhere it has never been before: the musical theatre.

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TORONTO – It takes faith to thumb your nose at city hall, and Reg Hartt has plenty.

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LAFAYETTE, La. - Bishop Michael Jarrell of Lafayette offered prayers and sympathy to the victims of a multiplex cinema shooting July 23 in Lafayette in which two were killed and nine wounded.

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TORONTO - Liezl Mejia believes everything happens for a reason. She feels it’s important to have faith and always believe God is there for you. And this is the message Mejia, who plays the main character Mary in St. Joseph Secondary School’s musical Waiting for God, hopes audiences will walk away with.

“I’m blessed to have this opportunity because it made me feel that I was a living testimony to God’s existence,” says Mejia, whose character is literally waiting for God to show up at a bus stop after her fiancé dies of cancer. During her wait, she encounters a variety of characters.

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Most of us wish the title of Greg Wolfe’s book Beauty Will Save the World could come true.

But few of us would automatically agree with the argument made in Italian dramatist Romeo Castellucci’s newest work — On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God — that even human waste can serve the faith.

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NEW YORK - Can it be? Has Broadway found religion?

According to one recent article, a bumper crop of faith-themed shows, like "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Godspell," "Book of Mormon" and "Sister Act," has transformed Broadway into a "highway to heaven."

So why the great awakening on the Great White Way?

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TORONTO - While people are busy shopping at the Eaton Centre this Christmas season, a reminder of the true meaning behind the season will be present right next door to it.

Since 1938, The Christmas Story has been performed at the Church of the Holy Trinity, reminding audiences why we celebrate Christmas. 

Being performed for its 74th season this year, the Nativity play tradition has endured, reaching out to both veteran and new audience members.

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