Ruane Remy, The Catholic Register

Ruane Remy, The Catholic Register

Ruane is a former Youth Editor at The Catholic Register. She attended Ryerson University's Master of Journalism program and studied Professional Writing with a Biology minor at York University. Follow her on Twitter @RuaneRemy.

TORONTO - Armless guitarist Tony Melendez wants audiences to walk away from his performances with hope.

Burn your self-help books and follow the Divine Word to be happy, says Fr. Robert Barron in his new six-part study program Priest, Prophet, King.

On a trip to Italy 11 months ago Catholic artist Timothy Schmalz discovered the nation’s love for St. Padre Pio. Creator of the acclaimed Jesus the Homeless sculpture, Schmalz was soon inspired to create a work of art to honour the Italian saint.

The film is called The Good Lie but if offers a lot of truth. 

Catholic actor and evangelist Elisa Lollino looks out from the stage to find silence and stillness has descended upon her audience. 

TORONTO - A year ago Fr. Jim Zettel was ordained to the priesthood. His next goal is to become a saint or at least live a life worthy of one.

Under blue skies, dressed in black, stand the members of Christian band Darkness Divided. In the serenity of a forest clearing, the band members’ hands are stretched straight up, revealing streams of thick, dark blood pouring from wounds artificially created on their open palms. In the background, lyrics suggestive of Christ’s crucifixion are belted out supported by the severe guitar and drum sounds typical of a metalcore band. This is a scene from “The Hands that Bled,” a single off the band’s newly released album, Written in Blood.

Anisa Yan argued in favour of strong public service — and won.

Sr. Rita Bérubé never thought she’d live to see the beatification of Sr. Marie Elisabeth Turgeon, but the day is getting closer. 

Dylan Robertson has gone from Youth Speak News reporter to homegrown terrorism investigator.