Book on Catholic parenting a real family affair

“How did you do it? How did you raise kids who are passionate about their faith and have the heart of a missionary?”

  • By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

    Showing the beauty in Fatima’s truth

    When Mary steps out of the blinding light of the sun and into view for three children who have broken away from watching over a few sheep to pray the rosary, she isn’t surrounded by angels. No trumpets blare. Before the musical score rises to support this moment in the new film Fatima, there are crickets and birdsong and distant bleats of sheep. Mary is surrounded by hills, trees, fields and blue sky.

    • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

      Choir won’t be silenced

      Although choir services have been suspended since March due to the coronavirus pandemic, for the students and staff at St. Michael’s Choir School, the music has not been silenced.

      • By Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

        Making art fit the universal Church

        Catholic artist Timothy Schmalz knows his Church is a universal one, welcoming to all. It’s just not something you might easily recognize with the traditional art forms that celebrate the faith.

        • By Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

          ShareMusic event celebrates ShareLife agencies

          The talents of Toronto-area Catholic musicians are being harnessed to celebrate the works of ShareLife agencies and their efforts to support those in need.

          • By Catholic Register Staff

            Timely musical message on mental health

            Most people have experienced that annoying friend who no matter how you try to shake them, they just won’t go away.

            • By Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

              'Modest resurgence' seen in the use of chant at Mass

              WASHINGTON -- When Catholics return to their churches as coronavirus-induced lockdowns ease up, they're not likely to be confronted with a bunch of unfamiliar words in Latin printed in some medieval-era typeface with notes in the shape of squares rather than ovals.

                Canadian artist brought Gospel to children

                LONGUEUIL, Que. -- French Canadian artist Claude Lafortune, who hosted children’s programs based on the Gospel on Quebec television, died of COVID-19 April 19. He was 83.

                  Jesus 2020: A clay model for the times

                  Sculptor Timothy Schmalz was staring straight into the face of Lucifer when he decided he must carry on with his annual Easter tradition.

                  • By Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

                    St. Faustina film sends a timely message

                    It’s a cliché heard all the time: “This is a movie that is so right for its time.”

                    • By Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

                      Good news still flows with group’s live-stream

                      In the early 1980s, Canadian music icon Anne Murray released her classic country song, “A Little Good News,” in response to suffering she witnessed in society.