Author’s pillars could use extra support

With gratitude, generosity and mindfulness as his three foundational pillars, Fr. Darrin Gurr wants to examine a spirituality of stewardship. The result is a helpful guide to those who want to find meaning in acts of generosity, but the book lacks originality and some of its themes remain undeveloped. 

    'Two Popes' in search of truth

    Anthony McCarten wants the truth and nothing but the truth. To get at the truth, he has made up a fictional dialogue between the Church’s two living popes.

    • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

      Author aims to build a Christmas tradition

      EDMONTON -- Sometimes the best gifts are not bought at a shopping mall, wrapped in paper and tied with ribbon.

        Hallelujah! Handel's Messiah still has special quality for choristers decades later

        When Susan Worthington gets home from “Messiah” rehearsals with the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir she’s hungry and tired, but her brain is still full of music.

        • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

          Seeking Jesus in people of the night

          Award-winning columnist Deacon Robert Kinghorn has assembled a collection of his Catholic Register columns into a new book, The Church on the Street. In this excerpt, he explains his calling to minister to the forsaken on the streets of Toronto.

          • By Catholic Register Staff

            Book fails to cast new light on Nouwen

            It’s not entirely clear that Michael Higgins and Kevin Burns are all that interested in Henri Nouwen as a writer or a priest.  They’ve got bigger fish to fry — namely the Roman Catholic priesthood itself.

              Rubens: The art of persuasion

              Flowing from the brush of Sir Peter Paul Rubens, the art of persuasion is monumental, overwhelming, seductive and never quite as straightforward as it might at first appear.

              • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

                Carnegie Hall artists help moms in need compose lullabies

                NEW YORK -- Lullabies have been sung by parents to their children for time immemorial.

                  McLuhan and Trudeau: Penpals in new age

                  We live in the age of identity politics, where political and cultural battle lines are drawn around who and what we are. But this is not so new. Forty years ago, Canada’s most powerful politician and its most famous academic were thinking together about media, message, image and identity.

                    Author gives readers food for the soul

                    Theologian, therapist and author Mary Marrocco is not the sort who imposes pat formulas or rules of thumb to living her Catholic faith. But she does have one rule.

                    • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

                      Group evolves from prayer group to music ministry named iv24

                      The music produced by the band iv24 for young Catholics at high school retreats, young adult events and evenings of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament is more a by-product than anything else. The seven-member praise and worship band from Mississauga, Ont., didn’t start off trying to achieve close harmonies, infectious beats or uplifting melodies.

                      • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register