Saskatoon mom and daughter team up for prayer book

SASKATOON – Leah Perrault was already the author of two books when a publisher approached her last summer about writing a family-oriented resource book for Lent.

    Passion Play casts characters in new light

    If Mary Magdalene could retell the story of Jesus’ resurrection, what would she say?

      Prayer, Eucharist prepares Jim Caviezel for latest biblical role

      Since he shot to fame 14 years ago after playing Jesus in Mel Gibson’s religious blockbuster The Passion of Christ, Jim Caviezel has turned down several biblical roles. 

        St. John's Bible illuminates the Word of God

        Kids like picture books. So why should children’s Bibles be any different?

          New documentary tells the story of L’Arche and Canadian founder Jean Vanier

          Denver, Colo. – The French documentary “Summer in the Forest” depicts the lives of four disabled men and their unlikely friend: a philosopher born into a powerful and distinguished Canadian family, Jean Vanier.

            A biologist's epic tale from a Communist regime to the Canadian Arctic

            Wine from Raisins, A Life Transformed through Communist Gulag to Canadian Arctic by Josef Svoboda (Novalis, softcover, 240 pages, $27.95)

              Praying with paint: Iconography as a conversation with God

              Love and pictures go together. You can piece together who and what anybody loves by the pictures on their phone, the pictures they hang on their walls, the pictures pinned to their cubicle at work and the pictures they’ve posted to Facebook.

                For the sake of Oberammergau's Passion: Every ten years, Bavarian town becomes Calvary

                There are probably thousands of Passion plays put on around the world during the Easter season, but you would be hard pressed to find a more unique version than the one held in a small town in Germany’s Bavarian Alps.

                  'It's the Lord, working through the music,' Catholic fiddler Natalie MacMaster says

                  Whether or not St. Thomas Aquinas really said “he who sings prays twice,” it’s true.

                    Playwright presents the Catholic Church, world in human terms

                    How much truth does it take to really set us free? A young journalist, a Latin American cardinal and the ghosts of his past set out to answer this difficult question about sin and redemption on the eve of a conclave that could well see the cardinal elected pope in the new play Omission.