Rapper C-DOT drops a Christian vibe

A Canadian Christian musician is doing his part to change the game for the better, bringing back carefully crafted, deliberate and fruitful songs to the hip-hop genre, all for the glory of God. 

Can 'Ordinary Angels' kickstart film industry?

The North American box office is off to a feeble start in 2024. January produced a total haul of $513.6 million. According to the media measurement and analytics company Comscore, this marks the worst performance for the first month of the year, outside of the COVID years, since 1999.

Keys to 1914 and today: humanity, humility

Brooks, Alta., author Ben Galeski’s splendid new novel, The Good Heart, chronicles a young Canadian infantryman who turns to God and his inner strength to survive the hellish crucible of the First World War.

And then there’s Maude’s abortion

Jesuit Father Patrick J. Sullivan and Robert Beusse were not intent on launching an early battle in the culture wars when they met with CBS President Robert Wood the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 1972. They were simply out to prevent a summer rerun.

Country star Craig Morgan’s journey of faith

As country star Craig Morgan looks back on his life, from his military service to his multi-decade music career, he said one thing has always remained the same.

Vatican Museums share hidden images, details found by art restorers

The Vatican Museums has launched an initiative to give visitors -- online and in person -- a "backstage" peek into the secrets, curiosities and insights discovered by their art restorers.

Atheist turned Catholic turned comedian

The “hard work” of making others laugh is a labour of love and faith for standup comic Jen Fulwiler, a former atheist and Catholic convert delivering a “fresh take on modern life as a woman” to audiences throughout the nation with her 2023 “Maternal Instinct” comedy tour.

Medieval altar masterpiece of Kraków, Poland, receives European 'Oscar of Culture'

The European Commission and Europa Nostra foundation has honored Poland's medieval altarpiece for outstanding conservation. The Wit Stwosz (Veit Stoss) altar is widely regarded as a Gothic masterpiece. Its meticulous conservation, based on in-depth research, was carried out for more than 1,000 days and involved a team of top specialists from Poland and abroad.

Caviezel: 'Sound of Freedom' a 'weapon of mass instruction' to end child trafficking

A new film starring Jim Caviezel aims to move millions to end the scourge of child trafficking.