In Jesuit publications, filmmaker Scorsese talks about his faith

ROME – In two long interviews with Jesuit publications, director Martin Scorsese described his new film Silence as a major stage in his pilgrimage of faith, a pilgrimage that included flunking out of the minor seminary, investigating other religions and recognizing that the Catholic Church was his home.

Producer out to fill video void for Catholic kids

Jason Taylor logged on to Facebook one June afternoon and found a post that triggered an idea he long carried in his mind.

St. Michael's Choir School expanding its musical reach

Since St. Michael's Choir School began pressing albums in the 1970s, those purchasing the choral soundtracks were much like the students – members of an exclusive club.

'Man Up!' play brings powerful message of mentoring hopeless young men

OTTAWA – In very dramatic fashion, the Vancouver-based Boys Club Network has taken its case for mentoring programs to Parliament Hill.

New book chronicles Canadian artists’ lives of faith and search for meaning

If you think of artists as strange, unbalanced, complicated personalities whose natural habitat is somewhere on the margins, Herman Goodden is not about to change your opinion. But if you think books about art and artists are dull, academic, jargon-laden wastes of time, paper and ink, Goodden wants you to think again.

Pope Francis meets Martin Scorsese, director of 'Silence,' at Vatican

VATICAN CITY – On Wednesday Pope Francis added world famous director Martin Scorsese to the list of Hollywood stars he has welcomed for a private meeting in the Vatican, following an official Rome preview of Scorsese’s new film Silence.

Iconography classes draw non-Orthodox in search of spiritual images

WASHINGTON – Anna Schalk finds herself weeping each time she enters an Orthodox church and gazes at the flat, colorful icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Movie Review: Allied

NEW YORK – Like time travellers from the Golden Age of Hollywood studio films, the characters played by Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in "Allied" (Paramount) don't allow a little event like World War II to muss their elegant coifs.

'Doctor Strange' offers a taste of spiritual medicine

Scott Derickson’s new film, Doctor Strange, has received rave reviews for its special-effects, its compelling story-telling, and the quality of its actors, but I would like to focus on the spirituality implicit in it. Doctor Strange is far from a satisfying presentation of the spiritual order, but it represents a significant step in the right direction, which proves especially helpful for our time.

One-woman shows bring Scripture to life

When Elisa Lollino performs, it’s not just a play. It’s also a form of prayer.