Pope Francis' Laudato Si’ call renewed in new film

Pope Francis is once again reaching out over the heads of world leaders to appeal directly to ordinary people — people of all faiths and none — on behalf of a planet in crisis.

Lois Wilson continues fight for common good

A faithful voice in Canadian politics lives on. At 95, former Senator Lois Wilson is still campaigning, not for herself or for a political party but for human rights, for a guaranteed livable income, for a full and generous welcome to refugees, for preservation of the natural world which has been central to her life of prayer.

Badlands Passion Play makes triumphant return

Following two summers of cancellations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Badlands Passion Play returned each Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 1 through 17 to dramatize the epic life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pope Pius XII: WWII hero or villain?

The latest book on Pope Pius XII, the first to include material from the complete archives up to 1958, repeats a lot of old news, but adds some interesting detail about the culture and politics of the papal court during the Second World War, according to a Canadian scholar who wrote a landmark biography of the wartime pope.

'Man of God' illustrates St. Nektarios’ indomitable spirit

Though a devout believer in Jesus Christ, Serbian-American filmmaker Yelena Popovic, the director of the newly released Man of God, did not foresee tackling religious subject matter in her professional career.

Author seeks a deeper look at Hollywood

Back in 2009 Douglas Beaumont issued a challenge to Christian moviegoers. The U.S. academic wrote The Message Behind the Movie: How to Engage with a Film Without Disengaging Your Faith. It implored Christians who are hardcore resisters of Hollywood, and the ones who consume all things Tinseltown without discernment, to dig deeper.

'Requiem' for Ukraine

Singing Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem while Europe and possibly the world is at war isn’t a political statement, it won’t enlighten anyone about the causes of the war and the music proposes no solutions. But the humanity of voices raised to Heaven in sorrow and hope, in grief and consolation, must matter somehow.

Paradoxical priest enlivens writer’s fiction

Maritime Canadian writer Anne Emery readily admits that it was the beauty of traditional sacred music that led her from an indifferent practice of the faith to a new appreciation of the eucharistic celebration and the dedication and service of priests.

AGO exhibit marks our mortality

When Pieter Claeissens the Elder was painting Moses Breaking Pharaoh’s Crown, Europe was entering a complex and confusing period of continual warfare. The crude version of this history blames it all either on Catholics trying to wipe out Protestants or Protestants trying to eliminate Catholics. Actually, it had more to do with money, geo-politics, empire, trade and a ruling class that was deeply incompetent.

Exhibit tells history in ‘Royal Cousins, Rival Queens’ words

LONDON -- In a basement of London’s stately British Library, the light plays through interconnected rooms on a glittering array of paintings, jewels and statuettes, encased amid ancient books, manuscripts and letters.

B.C. pastor reveals power of Catholic worldview

From the cover art through the 175 pages that follow, Fr. Harrison Ayre’s new book is a contemplative experience.