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VANCOUVER -- Bookworms making their way through a copy of The Last Bachelor Of Ales might not expect to be evangelized, and that’s just what first-time Catholic author Peter Elliott is hoping for.

Franciscans look to reach out to youth


Canada’s OFM Franciscans aren’t facing a vocations emergency, but they do have a problem — the same problem many dioceses and religious orders of priests face across Canada.

Apostolate brings rosary into classroom


The Rosary Apostolate that shares the mysteries reflected upon in the rosary with students may be Sr. Marilina Cinelli’s baby since its origins in 1997, but she takes no credit for all the good it has done for nearly a quarter century.

Conference puts women at centre stage


There’s a long-held perception that the voice of women in the Church is one that is seldom heard. It’s why Colleen Carroll Campbell sees the importance of galvanizing that voice so that it doesn’t get drowned out.

It’s up to each of us to plant vocation seed


Eight years ago, just weeks before I was ordained to the priesthood, I delivered a speech at the annual Ordinandi Dinner in Toronto that left me a marked man.

Religious life ‘is about falling in love’


VANCOUVER -- Discovering one’s vocation, whether it happens in a surprising instant or over many years, always feels the same way, says Sr. Maria Serra Garcia. It’s always like falling in love.

Why I love being a Catholic


I love being a Catholic. I am a “cradle Catholic” from Essex County, Ont. I have been a Catholic priest for 54 years. Every day, I discover fresh insights into the richness of our faith. My reasons are personal to me, but probably shared by many others as well. I want to cite them here so that others may be inspired to draw up their own list. It is a grace-filled exercise.

Sister Servant fulfils her childhood dream


EDMONTON -- It has been 20 years since the seeds of sisterhood were first planted in Emily Schietzsch.

Counsellor turns the hurt to a help


When Heidi Lee speaks, the young women at Sancta Maria House listen.


Long road to priesthood for family man


MONTREAL -- When newly ordained Fr. Robert Assaly refers to seeking help from “Mother,” the term is just as likely to refer to his wife Nancy as it is to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Cantor sets right tone for music ministry


Kathy Irvin admits she takes her role in music ministry seriously.