OTTAWA – Western aid dollars are hurting, not helping, the women of Africa, says pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha.

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HONG KONG – Catholics in China's Henan province have been warned that venues will be closed if they do not adhere to the revised regulations on religious affairs.
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There is a special type of panic that is reserved for watching your piano being maneuvered up three flights of stairs. 

OTTAWA – A case coming this fall to the Supreme Court of Canada could have “a profound impact on all faith-based education, health care and social service facilities,” according to Canada’s bishops.
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KHARTOUM, Sudan – Dust and mud brick houses everywhere – as far as the eye can see. The houses are indistinguishable in colour from the ground on which they stand. Trees are few and far between.

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WASHINGTON – Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Education at the Margins offers a mixture of online and in-person educational opportunities in service of people who have been displaced because of political turmoil, violence and other crises throughout the world.

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After spending 40 years as an employee of Toronto’s Catholic school board, Angela Gauthier is retiring, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be heading to school when classes resume in September.

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A balanced budget with investments sprinkled across education, health care and welfare — including the surprise pharmacare program for anyone 24 and younger — has given faith communities in Ontario plenty to chew on.

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Years of declining enrolment are pushing some Catholic school boards to take a far deeper dive into the foreign student market.

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Canada is fortunate to have sociologists like Reginald Bibby working in the field of religious attitudes. His most recent book, Canada’s Catholics, should be on the desk of all administrators, trustees, teachers and priests.

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I am a product of the Catholic education system and if you were to ask me what I learned in high school I would tell you I didn’t learn enough about my faith.

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On April 29, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy (OLSWA) will graduate the first class of its newly approved bachelor’s degree program.

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REGINA – A judgment in a 12-year-old court case has sent shock waves through Saskatchewan’s Catholic education community and left Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen “disheartened.”

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“What good can this wretched intolerance and religious bigotry effect?”

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TORONTO – Patricia Rehak still remembers feeling overwhelmed when she first travelled to Guatemala in 2004. A project manager, she and her husband Daniel, a professional engineer, had volunteered with the Canadian Executive Service Organization.

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